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Sennheiser HD1 Wired


Recent Reviews

    Do you travel? Get this now.
    Written by SOULSIK
    Published Nov 19, 2018
    Pros - sound. comfort. build
    Cons - not for bass heads

    Build Quality:
    If you look at companies like Beyerdynamics and Sennheiser, they have few things in common.
    The most obvious is that they like dynamic drivers and are Germans.
    The next obvious thing after owning a several pair from both companies? They know what they are doing.
    That leads to the build quality being one of the best if not THE best. No complaints were found with the HD1
    and I go into what I love so much about their design and attention to detail in the video.

    Sound Quality:
    Have you ever had a cheese cake with coffee? The taste of elegance. The creamy buttery smoothness.
    unless of course... you don't like cheese cake. Cmon ! Who doesn't like cheese cake?
    In case you are one of those rare people, let me put this into a different perspective...
    If you are wearing a suit versus a hoodie, Psychologist have found that people generally act more
    professional when wearing a suit (EVEN IN NON PROFESSIONAL SETTINGS !). Guess what, this headphone
    does not only sound like an elegant well tailored suite, it looks like one as well.
    yea... next time you go on a date, take this headphone with you. You can perhaps put it on when he/she gets annoying.
    I talk about the sound quality in more detail in the video.
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