Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

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  1. jamm8805
    "Awesome Headphones!"
    Pros - Excellent sound quality, great bass.
    I am no audiophile but I can say that these headphones are the best I have heard while I spent a grueling couple of weeks looking for a good pair of headphones.  I started off with Dre Beats but felt like I squandered my money so I returned them and started looking for a real pair of headphones.
  2. satanigatan
    "HD-6xx bliss"
    Review coming. 
  3. Loquah
    "Mid-priced Perfection!"
    Pros - Great sound, great comfort, changeable cables
    Cons - Must be amped to perform. Much better with aftermarket cable
    Bought these second hand from a fellow Head-Fi'er (thanks, Gavin!!)
    These are easily some of the best value headphones on the market. Their sound quality and scalability (i.e. improvements gained through better cables, amps, etc.) is brilliant for the price.
    I've tried them with all different genres of music and it doesn't matter what I throw at it - everything is effortless, smooth and creamy, but with incredible detail and imaging. The only negative might be a lack of thump with Hip-Hop/RnB. They have the bass, but not the boom. I find them to be just right, but bass-heads might be disappointed.
    At 300ohms, they're not easy to drive so a high powered player (e.g. iBasso DX100) or amplifier is a must, but well worth the investment.
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  4. spiderking31
    "reference class...."
    Pros - neutral, excellent sounding, nice soundstage
    Cons - need a powerful amplifier
    Superb headphone, that has excellent detail, amazing soundstage, very nice highs, mids, and a very tight and detailed bass....but to get quality like this, I'm using a blue dragon v3 headphone cable, little dot mk3 tube amp, and playing CDs though them....but even with a modest setup, you will still greatly appreciate the sound that these headphones can put out! Give the hd650's about 100 hours of break-in time, and you will truly hear what they can offer....all in all, STILL one of the best headphones out a pair, and enjoy!:) today I started using my hd650 headphones with a full sized CD player, with built I'm dac, and other very high end parts...NOW I'M REALLY IN AUDIO NIRVANA!! DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS!:D
  5. ValentinHogea
    "Fantastic value for money"
    Pros - Soundstage width and height, Great bass and midrange
    Cons - Open cans
    Enough said. So much sound for 350 USD it's crazy.
  6. ENTJ
    "A review "
  7. born2bwild
    "Great sound at a great value"
    Pros - Mids, Sennheiser sound signature, comfort
    Cons - Boring design, hard to drive
    I bought these headphones on December 2011 and have since been thoroughly using them. I am absolutely happy with my purchase and here is why:

    - Fantastic sound, albeit a bit on the darker side (amazingly natural mids, and poignant lows with controlled highs)
    - Amazing bargain at $300, as the sound quality is truly unbelievable
    - Extremely comfortable to wear for long hours
    - Fares excellent in general use

    - Requires a powerful amp to reach its full potential
    - Build quality and design are average
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  8. syphen606
    "Sennheiser HD650"
    Great headphones. Really enjoy mine.
  9. ObscureMethods
    "Lucious "
    Pros - Mids, Comfort, Soundstage
    Cons - Sound leakage, Fragility
    These cans are exquisite. I can literally fall asleep with these on. This fact is cheifly assoiated with their velour ear pads. And in regards to sound, their sound quality is immearsive. No singular element of their sound is deprived. I can state that they're immaculately endowed with mid-range presence.
    Bottom line is. if you can afford the admittance fee these will grant you auditory bliss.
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  10. alexdemaet
    "Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones "
    Cons - the headband is a bit stiff and puts pressure on the ears
    I had several of those (balanced and unbalanced) and I liked them alot.
    I can't remember if they had the newer "silver" drivers.
    I compared them with the HD600 and they sounded better.