The HD590’s are audiophile, open-aire, hi-fi stereo headphones that reproduce harmonic and superbly...

Sennheiser HD 590 Headphones

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  • The HD590’s are audiophile, open-aire, hi-fi stereo headphones that reproduce harmonic and superbly transparent sound with absolute minimum distortion. With a weight of only 9.4 ounces, a sophisticated design and a new dampening technique, the HD590 is an ideal choice for the professional monitoring of classical music recordings.

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  1. aafanatic
    "My first really great headphone."
    Pros - Light weight, comfortable, soundstage, nice highs, replaceable cable and ear pads, visual design.
    Cons - not portable or public (open back) average sub bass impact.
        I bought these back in 2000 for full retail, which was a lot of money for me at the time. I got to A/B these at a hi-fi shop using my reference CD. I listened to the HD600 and the HD590. I really enjoyed the sub bass impact on the HD590. I was buying them as reference /monitoring headphones for making music with a lot of sub bass content. (It's not always cool with my neighbors to blast sub woofers) They don't have a particularly flat FR, but that is not what I was looking for. I was looking for something that could recreate or replicate my 4.1 desk system that is based on car audio which is what I make music for in the first place. (the cars that go "BOOM")
        The Sennheiser HD590 has served me well for over a decade. They are not fatiguing, and work well for long work sessions. They remain cool and comfortable, which allows me to continue working. Most importantly, I can hear my wife when she pokes her head in the door and says some completely random non sequitur that requires a considerate response or my work will be cut short :wink: So, Sennheiser has improved my quality of life. (Thank you, Senn)
        I am writing this review because in doing research for new headphones, I found that these HD590s only had two reviews. I believe that these deserve more attention than that. Also, it is rare that I can add something to Head-fi that has not already been said better.
    (Thank you Head-Fi for taking me from Walkmans to Tube Amps)
        In short, if these were the only headphones in my life,  it has been a beautiful ride.
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  2. gregoire
    "Super comfortable cans"
    Pros - Comfort
    Cons - Sound leakage.
    I've had these cans for over 10 years and they have been great. Super comfy to wear - I can wear them for 2-3 hours at a time. Rather bulky if you have to cart them around. The sound is typical Sennheiser, clean, crisp and fairly neutral. Lacking in bass possibly. Lovely delicate highs. Being open backed, they leak sound like crazy and used to annoy my colleagues in the office :)

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  3. MrEs
    "After 10 years of use"
    Pros - Comfort, good bass, good sound-stage. Light and easy to wear over long listening sessions.
    Cons - Until they are run in, you may get a false impression of them. Slightly muffled midrange
    These have certainly paid for them selves and after 10 years of use! To this day they are still the best headphones I've heard when not being driven by am amp.
    This makes them really easy to use because you can plug them into any source and get amazing sound. Coupled with how light these are they are a great simple solution for anybody who cares about their sound.
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