Sennheiser HD 560 Ovation - Reviews
Pros: Accuracy, frequency range, smooth bass, extreme comfort
Cons: cable connections loosen with age
I love these headphones! So comfortable you will forget you're wearing them. My cousin once commented "This is the best bass I've ever heard in a headphone!"  While I know there are headphones out there with lower bass, the bass in these is rich and smooth with a very nice roll-off. The highs are not at all tinny like in some more expensive models. I have had to replace the cushions and I am getting a new cable, but I have had these for over 10 years and I have no desire to replace them. If you ever come across a pair of these for sale- BUY THEM!
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Pros: Transparency, tonal accuracy, good value for classical music
Cons: Limited bass; obviously supplanted by recent very expensive models
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I bought these headphones after using one of their predecessors, the HD 530.  Both are very natural, balanced over the tonal spectrum, though without powerful bass.  The HD 560 has superior housing which gives a wonderfully spatial sense (though I would not say pinpoint location or necessarily the most modern placement in the depth field). 
I am using the HD 560 with a Purity Audio K.I.C.A.S. regular (no bass boost) amp and a Musical Fidelity V-DAC, whose inputs come from a DVD player for CDs and my computer for downloads and streaming.  Compared with anything I have heard, the sound is simply stunning; and while I have not heard a great many expensive headphones and amps, I do attend live music.  I hear no distortion.  And I do hear a great deal of detail which opens subtleties in the works.
I suspect the HD 560 is far better for classical music or jazz than for high-energy music.  Within its range, it is a fascinating choice for the value-minded audiophile. (For example, it lets you buy a good amp, and it is quite capable of rewarding one.  I can absolutely hear the difference between my K.I.C.A.S. and my Onkyo Mini System, much less my old Sennheiser Lucas surround sound, though it actually sounds quite good with all three.  But it loves the K.I.C.A.S.)   
PS: If you find a pair of HD 560s, they are almost sure to need new cushions.  Sennheiser stocks them (more cheaply than Ebay resellers).  You may also want to change the cable from the steel cable that came with the original to the copper cable that comes with the HD 560 II and fits the first version as well.  The HD 600/650 cables do not fit.  Thus the aftermarket high-end cables would require hard-wiring.  It would be an interesting experiment, but it would be more expensive than the headphone itself; and the sound is already crystal clear. (Incidentally, the price I happened to pay on Ebay reflected the need for new cables and cushions as well as a very sleepy auction.  The going Ebay price has generally been nearer $100 and is still a great bargain compared with other headphones at that price, especially for classical music and jazz.) 
For further information, see the Sennheiser manual:$File/HD560ovation.pdf
 Note the following comment by an experienced reviewer on the German forum Http://

der HD 560 ist - für mich jedenfalls - ein echtes Spitzenmodell. Neu hat er ca. 300 DM gekostet. Es lohnt sich absolut, die - zugegeben überzogen teuren - Ohrpolster auszutauschen. Nicht alles, was an neuen Modellen auf dem Markt ist, ist besser, ganz im Gegenteil.
Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, daß an die Natürlichkeit und Verfärbungsfreiheit des HD 560 (und HD 560II) nicht viele elektrodynamische Kopfhörer herankommen. Die meisten neueren Sennheiser verfärben bei akustischen Instrumenten und Gesang deutlich und ich widerspreche der Ansicht, die hier einige vertreten, daß ein Kopfhörerverstärker das ausbügelt. Ein Vollverstärker mit sehr ausgeglichenem Frequenzgang verursacht definitiv keine Verfärbungen, mit einem Kopfhörerverstärker kann sich das Klangbild allenfalls in Details verbessern, aber nicht grundlegend ändern.
Und der HD 560 klingt eben meiner Meinung nach auch an einem Vollverstärker gut, ich benutze ihn schon seit 13 Jahren und möchte ihn nicht tauschen. Habe auch schon den HD 580 und HD 595 ausprobiert, war davon aber nicht überzeugt. Und der AKG K 501 spielt sowieso in einer niedrigeren Liga, noch viel niedriger der Koss Porta Pro - der läßt sich doch mit hochwertigen Hifi-Kopfhörern gar nicht vergleichen.

Gruß Muwi

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[size=smaller][size=x-small]besitze selber den sehr ähnlichen, nur leicht veränderten HD 560 II und war von den Nachfolgemodellen HD 580/600 nicht so überzeugt, zumindest nicht an einem Vollverstärker betrieben. Auch sie klingen zwar transparent, sind aber meines Erachtens klanglich nicht so fein abgestimmt wie der HD 560. Wenn Du vorwiegend klassische Musik hörst, könnte die - in meinen Ohren jedenfalls - schlechtere Klangfarbentreue ein Nachteil sein. Hör sie deshalb ausgiebig probe - [size=100%]mit[/size] Aufnahmen, die Du sehr gut kennst. Die HD 580/600/650 und 595 erreichen übrigens unverzerrt viel höhere Lautstärken als der HD 560; vor allem der Baß ist bei all diesen Modellen noch weitaus voluminöser. Das noch knackigere, dynamischere Klangbild gefiel mir bei Rock/Pop besser als beim HD 560 (II), bei Orchesteraufnahmen beispielsweise (vor allem Violinen) klingen sie aber eben nicht so natürlich.

Viele Grüße Muwi[/size][/size]

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 [Briefly, Muwi says that he would not trade the HD 560 even for an HD 580/600/650 (or an AKG 501).  For classical music, which he listens to (as do I), he finds the HD 560 superior in "Klangfarbentreue" (tonal accuracy) and "Transparenz" (transparency).  Could it be that in some ways the HD 560 sounds more like an HD 800 than do its successors?  Incidentally, both the HD 560 and the HD 800 are made at Sennheiser's German factory.][/size][/size]

I just bought these headphones at a yard sale 2 days ago for a $1 -yes I'm not kidding you; the nice people wore more interested in clearing out everything than making a profit. They had it out all day with it priced at 25 dollars and no one wanted it, they offered it to me for a dollar, an offer I couldn't refuse XD
I think I'm going to have to disagree with you with them only being good for classical and jazz; these things have enough bass presence/extension to make most genre's enjoyable. These are incredibly clean accurate headphones. I never thought it was possible for there to be a dynamic driver headphone capable of varying in texture so much from recording to recording. Although I'll admit i'm exagerating a little, for my sound preferences I find them good enough to work with all genre's save for really bass dependent dance and hiphop.
I often forget these are Sennheiser's though, I really wasn't expecting these to have such a sparkly treble or borderline dry midrange -they're right inbetween normal sennheiser's and my K271.ddd , accuray
I'm delighted you like them. It was my fault to say the HD 560s weren't good beyond classical music. Since I listen almost wholly to classical music, how would I know? :) Anyway, I completely agree that they are wonderful for texture. As you say, it really depends on the recording. What a find!