The HD 212 Pro closed, dynamic Hi-Fi stereo headphones are an ideal partner for DJs. They are...

Sennheiser HD 212 Headphones

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  • The HD 212 Pro closed, dynamic Hi-Fi stereo headphones are an ideal partner for DJs. They are perfect for powerful modern music, providing a crisp bass response and good insulation against ambient noise. These rugged headphones can also be used for mobile sources and home mini Hi-Fi systems.

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  1. JpTetreault
    "Not that great"
    Pros - Lightweight, look nice, ok for travelling
    Cons - Sound muffled a little, too much bass/low frequencies, cable broke on mine
    I got them about 8 years ago, the cable broke after 3 years but I always had them with me while at school.
    Having the option to replace the cable is nice but 20$ seems a little expansive just for a cable.
  2. mcandmar
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - Sennheiser Veil with a vengeance
    All lows, no highs. Only headphone i have ever heard to distort when properly amped. Just hopeless.
  3. karimjaz
    "One of the best less-than-50USD headphones"
    Pros - Detailed sound quality, Comfortable, Strongly built, Good value for money, Lot of Sennheiser spare parts
    Cons - Some cable problems (had to be replaced once): the mini-jack connector of the right-hand speaker was worn out after a full-intensive 3 years of usage
    Forget about Beats Headphones! It's time to discover what music really sounds like: the Sennheiser is a good first step :)
  4. derbigpr
    "Forever in my heart"
    Pros - FUN, great value, very powerful bass, good mids and highs, comfortable, light, sturdy, great isolation, removable cable, MUCH better than XB500
    Cons - Bass sometimes tends to slightly overpower mids and highs in some songs, which can be good or bad depending on genre, looks cheap, thin cables.
    These are my favorite headphones. I've had them for years, I don't even remember when I bought them, but still to this day, every time I put them on, they put a big smile on my face.
    I own headphones such as Sennheiser HD650 and AKG Q701, and have owned many others much more expensive than HD212's, but none of them were as fun.
    HD212pro are in my opinion one of those headphones which make you forget about sound neutrality, or soundstage, or imaging, etc...they just make you have fun.  Any music, from techno, dubstep, rock to classical and jazz sounds great for the money, and that constant smooth bass envelops you. No other cans that I have tried can produce as much bass as these. I mean, HD650's bass feels thin after listening to these for a while.
    Overall, great set of cans for the money.
    EDIT(May,2013) - after about 6 years of ownership, these headphones are physically in a bad condition. Earpads have started flaking, the foam has lost some of its firmness (but still far more durable than earpads on HD650's), the silver paint is on some areas now just black plastic, etc.  But sound....sound is better than ever before.  I've recently bought a Sony XB500 because I found them on a good discount, hoping it will be an upgrade over the HD212 as a basshead can. Well, its not. To put it nicely, XB500 sounds like crap next to the HD212pro. Yes, it has a bit more bass quantity, but nowhere near the quality. As for mids and highs...there is no comparison, HD212 outclass them. They sound like headphone that easily could cost twice or even three times as much. I'm honestly a believer than HD212pro's even at a price of 120 dollars would not be anything other than a excellent headphone.  The amount of bass punch they manage to produce, and the way the bass is separated from the rest of the sound, makes them quite unique. I'm yet to hear a headphones that does it as well. Not even the DT770 Pro 80's manage to achieve such sound separation. Even though they are slightly superior in sound quality overall, they definitely don't outclass or humiliate the HD212pro's. These are simply stunning little headphones with a big sound. They NEVER EVER disappoint, but they need a amping. Yes, even though you can plug them into a phone and they'll get loud enough, using them with a proper source and amp makes a big differences. It transforms them from muddy bass heavy sound to a crisp, punchy, hard hitting sound.  The voicing is also very good. They sound realistic, more than some much more expensive headphones. I'd go as far to say the voices when listening to podcasts or radio sound more real than on the HD650's. Not as clear of course, but its a "right" tonality. Its no wonder since they're basically flat (+- 3db) from 50 to 2000 Hz with a gentle roll of on both ends.  Certainly "pro" headphones, even if they can produce loads of bass.
    Overall, again, great cans. They're just so reliable and always make me smile. Its one of those headphones that after some time you forget about, because you've perhaps bought new headphones and you're using them, and you might throw these in a box and put them in a basement, or in some storage room, and after like a year or two while browsing for something, you find them, plug them in, and get absolutely amazing by how good they sound, and then end up using them for like a month straight without ever looking at your 400-500 dollar cans.
  5. tuan0r
    "Still own them"
    Pros - price to quality, bass, durability, light, comfort, good sound isolation
    Cons - not the greatest look
    Value: 10/10
    For its price range, Sennheiser HD 212 Pro are one of the best buys out there. Nothing much to add here.
    Audio Quality: 9/10
    Great bass, mids and highs are good enough. Sounds like the $300 Beats Studio.
    Design: 8/10
    Not the best design. The look isn't great, but considering its price, I would not complain much.
    Comfort: 9/10
    Main asset is that they are very light. Feels great wearing them.
    Overall: 9/10
    Great buy and great bang for buck.
  6. g-funk
    "An old dear friend "
    Pros - Extremly sturdy and good sound
    Cons - Not that good looking if you ask me.
    I bought the HD 212 pro when they were fresh in the shops some 8 years ago and I have used them up to this day. And I have used them practically every day since! That alone is amazing for the quality.
    Due to exchangeable parts through the years - cord (6 or 7 times) and ear pads (only ones) - the lifespan is epic!
    I have used them mainly for my media player, there for this review is suppose to be understood as used with digital audio formats such as quality mp3s from a minimum of 192 or higher and looseless audio such as FLAC. I have not used these for listening to vinyl or any other superior format or other additional amplifying. I started out with a portable cd-player and to my recollection I was extremely satisfied with the quality of sound, listening to now classic albums such as Radiohead - Kid A and Autechre - Tri repetae, to name two favorites.
    In that light, these headphones still sound really nice played from a good media player! ( I have had Cowon players trough the years, which are great. ) The HD 212 pro, have a great bass response, distinct highs and a clear mid. They lack in room, warmth and clear distinctiveness when listening to looseless and analog formats but in this price range nothing ells is to expect.
    I really cant imagine a better set of headphones in this price range to be used for media players (due to amplifying limits), that is of this quality in both sound and endurance!
    They have been a lovingly dear friend to me for 8 years and I am now retiring them to a slow and easy life in front of the computer, out of harms way in dj-booths and rainy streets.
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