Sennheiser HD 212 Headphones

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The HD 212 Pro closed, dynamic Hi-Fi stereo headphones are an ideal partner for DJs. They are perfect for powerful modern music, providing a crisp bass response and good insulation against ambient noise. These rugged headphones can also be used for mobile sources and home mini Hi-Fi systems.

Latest reviews

Pros: Lightweight, look nice, ok for travelling
Cons: Sound muffled a little, too much bass/low frequencies, cable broke on mine
I got them about 8 years ago, the cable broke after 3 years but I always had them with me while at school.
Having the option to replace the cable is nice but 20$ seems a little expansive just for a cable.
Pros: Cheap
Cons: Sennheiser Veil with a vengeance
All lows, no highs. Only headphone i have ever heard to distort when properly amped. Just hopeless.
I must say I have had these headphones for near on 10 years and I couldn't disagree with you more regarding the sound signature.
I cannot comment on the amp as while using these I was younger and was ignorant to such things, however if "properly amped", why would it distort? Wouldn't properly amped imply that the amp setup is ideal for the can, thus this makes no sense??
In any case I am sorry you feel this way, I had a very different experience with them and they are responsible for my now expensive habit 
I cannot explain it but power them from any kind of decent amp and the bass will start to distort.  They only seem to work with very low power devices like iPods.   There just sound terrible to me, no detail at all, i'm sure if you went back to them now you would cringe.
Well I finally went back to them haha.  I am waiting on some CIEM's and had no other headphones so broke them out of retirement.
Listening to them out of a beyer a200p I think they sound quite fine.  I wouldnt say they sound good compared to other headphones I have had of late, but at low listening volumes (and I must emphasize this) they are very nice indeed.  
When the volume goes up however the enjoyment does diminish steeply lol.
In saying that, for a pair of headphones I bought in my teen's to still be working and sounding respectable I couldn't be happier. 
Pros: Detailed sound quality, Comfortable, Strongly built, Good value for money, Lot of Sennheiser spare parts
Cons: Some cable problems (had to be replaced once): the mini-jack connector of the right-hand speaker was worn out after a full-intensive 3 years of usage
Forget about Beats Headphones! It's time to discover what music really sounds like: the Sennheiser is a good first step :)
Hi it is not really that very good for $45.. if you can get hold of something like the rp-htf 600 or a samson sr 850 c you will understand what Im talkin about ..


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