Sennheiser HD 203 Closed Back Around-the-Ear Studio Headphones - Reviews
Pros: very clear sound,good details, punchy bass
Cons: can't use it for long time because of closed and tight ear cups
i am these hd 203 from past one and a half year, first time when i used it with my samsung phone it was just ok like because the headphones were new and were not burned yet. so it was like ok sound with good base but after 3 months when i used it with philips music player i was completly  surprised and loved it. and then i tried it on different music players such as sony , apple ipod it sound great there, it lacks lil soundstage but it have clear details. with good mids and lows and with the punchy base. i would recommend it definatly at this price only con i faced it in is its tangled wire and its lil tight ear cups which are uncomfortacle for long time usage.
Pros: Cheap, Great Bass
Cons: Highs suffer and are quite recessed, build quality
Had a friend who had these come over to test them out, compare them to my ATH M50's. Plugged into a Fiio E7, these headphones were nothing short of great for their price range. From what I can remember, they sound better than my old JVC HAM750's. The bass response on these is almost as good as the ATH M50's. Not as crisp, but the thumping sub-bass is definitely there. On high/mid bass it loses quite a bit of sound but it's generally very good. It would be great for rap, where the thumpy bass defines the song, as opposed to say dubstep where mid bass lines are crucial. 

The mids are still there but are not as pronounced. Nothing really to say. 

The highs are where this headphone definitely suffers. The highs are very recessed and almost unclear. They seem so distant and in the background compared to everything else. 

The build quality...they are apparently solid but look kinda cheap. The pads and the headband are all plastic. So that's that. 

But overall, it's a great buy. SQ for this low of a price is a steal. They honestly compare favorably to beats. 
Pros: really durable, sounds good for price
Cons: really uncomfortable
Got these over two years back at best buy. Wanted to try a sennheiser headphone since i heard so many great things. So i decided to get these for $50. When i got home and tried these on i was disappointed. Sounded tinny to me. But with some burn in i liked them. Now when i listen to them 2 years later i don't know what i was talking about it being tinny since these have quite a lot of bass. These have a V shaped sound sig to my ears. The bass is a bit bloated and muddy and treble a bit sibilant but for $50 its not bad. You can still hear the mids and these actually have good detail. No soundstage though and the sound is very cramped and kind of jumbled together sounding. Nonetheless a great sounding can for the price.
Now these are extremely uncomfortable! Earcups are really small and your ears just kind of cram in there against the drivers. Cant wear these for more than 20 minutes without it hurting. 
On a positive not these are really durable! These took much abuse over the last 2 years from children using them roughly. These have stood up to all that and are just like when i bought them!
Pros: Rugged, good sq for price
Cons: Uncomfortable
These were the first headphones I bought, and I am really happy with them.
I wasn't expecting such great sound from these phones.
They led me to buy more expensive headphones as I was quite curious how more expensive ones would sound If these sounded so great. Although now I realise they weren't SO great, they're a great first buy!
Pros: sound quality is terrific, they are sleek, and indestructable
Cons: comfort is terrible, the cable
The first time i put these on and had a listen, i was excited about the quality of sound i was hearing for $15 (i got them from amazon), but 15 or so minutes later my ears became soar and a massive headache took over. I took them off, took some medicine and went to sleep for a couple hours, and the pain was gone, but i keep trying to wear them and mod them to make them more comfortable, but they won't budge. the pads on these use that plastic bag texture and the tips of your ears only touch the pad, while the rest of your ear is tightly pressed up against the driver enclosure due to the tight plastic headband.
Don't even get me started with the cable, just replace it.
with the right amount of heavy modding to the headband, cable and ear cups I'm sure these would be adequate phones, but for the price they ask ($40), there are much better headphones. :mad:

edit- do yourself a favor and just don't get these, i ended up scrapping them, but am saving the drivers for a future custom headphone, if you need cheap headphones, look into the jvc HAS600, read my review
Expensive for me but good enough for any kind of music
You could describe how they sound and such instead of just saying "they're good enough" =/
Rafique Adzam
Rafique Adzam
For me, 50,000$ for a headphone is still ok
Pros: Indestructible; acceptable sound
Cons: Uncomfortable; unwieldy cable
I don't think there's much point in going particularly in-depth here, as there isn't much to say about these. The sound quality, while okay considering how cheap they are, is nothing to write home about - quite dark and rather muffled, boomy as one would expect closed headphones to be, and pretty laid back, and the resolution is not much more than "acceptable".
The reason I like these is simply their awesome utilitarianism. The cable is flimsy and absurdly long, but the headphones themselves are pretty much indestructible, so these are the cans I grab and toss in my bag when I'm off to the coffee shop or the library.
Pros: none
Cons: basic phones
These are basic, generic, all-purpose phones, nothing special but they work.
Pros: Awesome audio quality, acoustic isolation to some extent
Cons: Around-the-Ear, pressures quit alot with glasses on
A friend bought me this one over 1 year ago.
Never had heard anything so awesome as this one. It's the "DJ" edition with a bass enchancement wich is quite rare in the closed backs due to lack of air for reverberation.
It's awesome for listening to any kind of music!
Great for gaming, but not perfect.
I'm wanting to buy myself an Sennheiser 555 when i have the money because this started quite a nice musical  revolution in my life.