Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones

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  1. iRockskinnies
    "Pretty Good for the Price!"
    Pros - Very nice style, good bass,clear crisp sound, and low price
    Cons - A little bit uncomfortable, hard to adjust, extremely long cord, and not very portable
    I just recieved the Sennheiser hd 202 ii headphones at my door step. I have to say that after visiously ripping through the plastic packaging, these are pretty good headphones. They're definitely not the best, but tor only 20 bucks, they're decent. I'm no audiophile, but I think the bass is great. However, something I dislike about these is that they don't sound very good with soft music, forexample I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift, the audio didn't impress me. When I listened to a song with more bass, the audio was pretty good.

    Comfort. They're not very comfortable in my opinion. I think it puts a little too much pressure on my head, but that's probably just because they're brand new. It does allow you to adjust the headphones, but it's such a hassle because you move the earcups themselves, not the headband.

    Comparisons to other headphones. Right now the only other headphones that I have listened to and can remember are the Bose Oe2i, the Beats solo hd, and the Beats studio. Compared o the Bose, these hd 202 headphones suck. But hey, that's comparing a 20 dollar headphone to a 150 dollar one. Comparing these to th Solo HDs..... Haha everything is better than the Solos. Comparing these to the Studios, I'd say that they're about as good as the Studios. I haven't listened to the Studios very much, Ive only heard one song using them, so I may be wrong.

    Build quality. These headphones feel pretty cheap, like every time I put them on Imscared they'll break cheap.

    Overall, these headphones are fantastic for only 20 dollars, you can probably get better ones for just a couple dollars more. Do I suggest these? Well, if you are on a budget, sure. I would suggest these. But if you can spare another 20 or 30 dollars, keep searching. While these headphones are good, they're not the greatest.
  2. Adio3
    "First Pair of Great Over Ear Headphones!"
    Pros - Great Sound Staging, Amazing Detail!
    Cons - Sometimes Uncomfortable
    My third pair of over-ear or on-ear pair. The first two were Skullcandy and they sucked! These cans are well worth the small price and deliver your monies worth! Ive heard thing ive never heard on other headphones.
  3. philspins
    "HD 202 Review"
    Pros - clear sound, cheap
    Cons - comfort, cord, unipivot
    I cannot recommend these headphones.  When shopping for some replacement phones a couple years ago, I had the name Sennheiser on the mind.  I had read lots of great things about the company and their headphones.  So when I went to Future Shop to look for a replacement, I saw the HD-202s priced at about $80, and they looked alright, so I picked them up.
    I have never hated a pair of headphones so much!  While the sound is clear and decent, it's certainly not a high end sound.  It's flat and boring, no life/air, no dynamics to speak of.  Bass is weak.  On the other hand they go fairly loud with no distortion, so they were great for bus rides.
    On the comfort side of things, the cups are on a unipivot mount, and it just feels sloppy when on my head, won't stay put.  The clamp is very tight and uncomfortable, I assume this is to counteract the wobbliness of the unipivot cup but it doesn't work.  The headphones are both uncomfortable and unsecure when on the head.
    Then the cable, it's flimsy and very prone to tangles.  BUT, the phones were 80 bucks so take all that how you will.
  4. BababooeyHTJ
    "You're better off with the HD201"
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - Uncomfortabe, doesn't sound all to good
    I couldn't recommend these cans with the Sennheiser HD201 costing about the same and far better cans costing not much more. I couldn't wear these for too long since they were tight. I tried leaving them in between a few books to try and spread them out and it didn't seem to work. On top of that they didn't really sound all too good. The bass bleed into the mids and made them sound really cheap especially at higher volumes. There are just much better options out there.
  5. 1eye1derweasil
    "Great for the price"
    Pros - Super inexpensive
    Cons - Flat bass, one note highs. Boring. Cable isn't portable friendly
    For around 30$ there are infinitely better headphones available. 
  6. aangen
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - Dreadful sound
    I have the following phones:
    Shure SE530
    Etymotic ER-4P
    Koss Portapro Anniversary Edition
    Koss Portapro
    Sennheiser PX100
    Sennheiser HD-202

    They are listed in they order of my perception of their sound quailty.
    I was very dissapointed with the sound of the HD-202 headphones.
    When plugged into a computer any and all computer noise/distortion is highlighted.
    When used with a good sound source they merely sound tubby and dull.
    I was surprised. The PX100 phones blow them away and they are normally near the same price.

    I must say Bah.
  7. idzani
    "The Best I Ever Had"
    Pros - Superb sound, Brilliant Bass, Lightweight, Durable and great design
    Cons - Lead wires too long and tangly
    I've used this pair of headphones for 3 years plus now. It's by far, the best I've ever had. I've tried (and had) some other headphones but I find that the HD202 is a tough match to beat. The x-factor for this headphone is the value for money. For the price that you're paying as compared to other closed headphones in the market, this one is a no brainer. It's so easy to tell that the sound it has is just astounding by the booming bass, and the crisp mids and highs from it. Besides this, the pleather pads are somewhat very elegant and very comfortable. The adjustable headband is very simple and does not take so much effort in adjusting as it's tight to the head, but light on adjusting the earcups. So you know the sound goes out and comes in to your ears as close as possible. In addition, it blocks outside noise quite well, therefore it has a fair amount of isolation. One high volumes, it acts as a mini speaker. Lol. Overall, a beautiful design.
    Despite all this, the only problem I had was the wires. One thing, it's too long, and another, is not having a single wire that terminates to the plug hence causing the wires to twist and break internally. I've had this problem once, and tried replacing it with some other models of Sennheiser. But it's hard to find a replacement when you're used to a perfect pair. So I repaired the lead and made it shorter by half the original length. And it still worked fine! All in all, it's a great pair of headphones and you just gotta love em!
  8. Jaisah
    "Good for the price"
    Pros - Great bass and sound quality for the price
    Cons - Cable is too long
    Great headphones for someone who wants a cheap but capable set of headphones. The cable is far too long if you plan to use them away from home.