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Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones

  • The Sennheiser HD202 closed, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones feature good insulation against ambient noise and a deep bass response. This makes them the ideal companion for DJs - or anyone who likes to listen to modern, powerful music without disturbing others. The high-efficiency drivers deliver maximum performance. 1/8 inch connector with 1/4 inch adapter. Impedance: 32 ohms. Frequency range: 18Hz - 20kHz.Sennheiser At A GlanceFor 60 years, the name Sennheiser has been synonymous with top-quality products and tailor-made complete solutions for every aspect of the recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. In 1945, Dr. Fritz Sennheiser together with seven engineers and technicians set out on the venture to found a new company. The research and development specialists converted their university institute, which had been moved during the war to the small village of Wennebostel, into what became known as 'Labor W', and it was there that they began to build measuring instruments. Less than a year later, microphones were added to their product range, and soon the resourceful team became extremely successful in numerous fields of audio technology.Those were the humble beginnings of Sennheiser electronic, now a worldwide group of companies with more than 1,600 employees and one of the world's leading manufacturers of complete audio solutions. Still a family-owned company, Sennheiser has made a name for itself above all in the development and manufacture of high-quality microphones, wireless RF technology and headphones. Conference and information technology, infrared systems, products for the hearing impaired and aviation headsets round off the comprehensive product portfolio. The Sennheiser Group also includes the studio microphone specialist Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin, K+H Vertriebs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (loudspeakers and studio monitors) and the Denmark-based joint venture Sennheiser Communications, which develops h

Recent Reviews

  1. Redcarmoose
    Written by Redcarmoose
    Published Apr 7, 2016
    Pros - Style And Grace
    Cons - None
    Sennheiser HD 202ll Headphones


    Closed, supra-aural, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones.
    Frequency Response 18Hz-18KHz.
    For DJs, ideal for both mobile sources and home mini hi-fi systems.
    Good attenuation of ambient noise.
    Earcups can be removed from the headband.
    Specially designed damping perforation ensures powerful bass response.
    Lightweight diaphragm material with “turbine” embossing for extremely low bass.
    Powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms for high sound levels.
    Powerful bass and increased signal levels for modern rhythm-driven music.
    Clips to the belt: cord take-up for adjusting the cable length when listening on the move.
    Rugged outdoor design with durable and flexible headband.
    3 m highly conductive OFC copper cable.
    Extremely comfortable to wear due to ultra-lightweight design, even for extended listening.
    Replaceable leatherette ear pads.
    2-year warranty.


    The Sennheiser HD 202ll Headphones

    A one year of ownership review:

    Considering what these are, they tick all the right boxes. Let's just start out by talking about what's cool here. The Sennheiser HD202lls are great looking. The headband sits in a slightly different place than most headphones placing the band in a slightly forward position. At the correct placement position the small oval ear-cups cover around your entire ear, making these enjoyable closed back dynamic driver portable headphones. Still the size seems to add to the general fit and comfortable feel in the end. Having a low-weight full-size headphone out and about greatly reduces the tendency for the headphones to move around on your head, also reducing the amount of head clamping force needed. As far as fit goes, these earn a solid 10 out of 10! For some unknown reason (maybe undisclosed lost Nazi technology) they simply remain cool and comfy all the time, a pure joy to wear! They are also the best looking headphones I own. The benefits here are that you have a portable sound blocking headphone which stay in place as you walk around town.

    Genuine Sennheiser Plastic Construction:
    Yes, they are 100% plastic and proud of it. The key here is a combination of both flat textured and shiny finished components.

    Unique Modern Design Elements:
    They also have a distinctive set of bumps which allows a tactile message telling your fingers which cup is the left side. Combined aspects of the design are both revolutionary and different. The leatherette padding really helps keep an airtight fit, only increasing the ample bass response. They even boast a small area of leatherette (fake leather) headband padding around the top of your head. The padding is almost overkill when you consider how light the headphones are, though I have come to learn headband inner padding is a personal preference which becomes super important to some. The best part is maybe the simplicity of design allowing the cups to swivel on a single contact point finding the perfect fit, every time you put them on. For such a sparse and simple design they do the trick with style. They are feather-weight, strongly built and easy to use. They actually have a surprising classical look, which only starts to become a value after you study the over-all character and feel of what else is out there at this price point. They are stealthy and sleek, understated but slightly flashy in an exotic way.

    Clamping force seems just about perfect, not too little, not too much.

    The Extras:
    The package comes as a bubble wrap, enclosed is a cord management system (more on that to come) a 1/8 to 1/4 inch silver chrome plug adaptor and the headphones.

    Sennheiser offers a two year warranty, something special in this level.


    The Silly Cord:
    These come with a 10 foot cord. The material is nice because it seems to hold it's character of flexibility over time. There are stress relief components in all the right places. The only question is why we end up with a ten foot cord on a pair of portable headphones? I feel Sennheiser was really trying to be all things to all people with this design move. They give you a cord management device which amounts to a coiling spool which your are supposed to wear attached to the top of your pants pocket. See photograph. All and all the spool is a hassle. Other folks have come up with different cable management options using rubber bands and the like. It's not a deal breaker for me as I just stuff the cord in my pocket and I'm on my way. I found the enclosed management system to be an extra just not needed. If Sennheiser decided to give you a removable cord and included two sizes, 5 foot and 10 foot, we would obtain even more win! Still when you consider what these headphones are, the cord is not that big of a deal.

    The Sound:
    These are bass heavy headphones. I have noticed a large number of videos which show the 202s have found common recording studio use. So maybe the long cord goes in extra handy in that senerio? They're probably loved in the studio because they are low weight and block out any sound made by the other musicians during the recording process. They block out an amazing level of outside noise considering how simple and small the cups are. This black background just goes to emphasize the level of sound quality these produce. Nice treble and slightly pulled mids, we are left with a dramatic V sound signature, with a mid level soundstage character. The lower mid bass offers a slightly woolly distortion which adds to the warm color these headphones naturally have but also distract from the full amount of detail at times.

    Focusing on the lower mid distortions can be a slight annoyance at times, when that same warm color may have been the one character that had the awe factor upon first hearing the Sennheiser HD202lls? What can you get for $29 that does what these do?

    Final Thoughts and Ramblings:
    I find the headphones on the slightly dark side of character but do get into the bass with bass heavy genres like EDM, or Sludge Metal. They just do the timing of rock music well. They are not audiophile headphones by definition but find a place of value for price. For whatever reason I ended up really liking the sound of these after a year. Listening to the 16bit 44.1 MHz FLAC files out of my main home system is very enjoyable. Out of most home stereos your soundstage will expand to an amazing large level. Out of a home rig the bass actually becomes quite detailed and fast. We still have that lower mid woolly tone but it can actually be looked over due to the headphones doing so much right. The treble has a warm lush almost dark smooth character which ends up being something endearing at the price point. At first I was a little weary that they had no capacity to scale up on a home system, though in the end with the right files, they become a fun experience.The Sennheiser HD202lls are maybe on the medium level to drive. They get loud enough straight out of a phone, but still scale up with better home equipment!. They are not the last word in high detail and definition out of a phone but considering the price, I would think most buyers would know that. All and all we have a fun sound signature encapsulated into a great looking and super comfortable headphone. They offer a complete value especially if noise reduction is a primary concern.

    Amazingly I purchased both these and the upper line Sennheiser HD439 headphones at the same time. Doing a side by side comparison straight out of the box, the 202lls had a charm and character I first enjoyed the most. Only later did I start to understand why the HD439s were the more expensive headphone. If I was to attempt to single out two sonic pitfalls, in a perfect world the HD202lls could benefit from the complex and greater soundstage detailed treble which the HD439s seem to pull off effortlessly. The second area for sound Improvement would be that slight muddy frequency in the lower mids. Still in ending having a nice slightly rolled off treble, which never becomes piercing or harsh is a joy at this price. Also getting this style of bass extension is really cool for a number of musical genres at hand. At the prices you can obtain a pair for with free shipping on Amazon.com, Sennheiser has done it again, providing a great design with value and the build quality you need out and about in the world.

    To Review:
    :rage: They have a super long cord which may be useful if needed
    :rage: They have a slight area of distortion in the lower mid signature
    :rage: They are not the last word in detail and definition

    :heart_eyes: A pure joy to wear, they stay in place just like paint
    :heart_eyes: Built really well
    :heart_eyes: They somehow pull-off an amazing soundstage for a closed-back dynamic driver, depending on source
    :heart_eyes: Contain a smooth relaxed treble signature allowing hours of listening
    :heart_eyes: Looks cool on everyone, including pets
    :heart_eyes: Scales-up to somewhat audiophile levels on a nice home system, though not their intended primary use
    :heart_eyes: Blocks-out all outside noise with passive noise reduction, great for ignoring loud talkers
    :heart_eyes: A perfect solution for full-size portable use
    :heart_eyes: Complete Sennheiser 2 year warranty care


    Equipment Used:

    iPod Touch Generation 5

    Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus

    Schiit Asgard One

    Music used:

    320kps MP3 and 44.1 kHz-16bit FLAC Foobar 2000 WASAPI


    The headphones were purchased by me for my own use. The headphones are stock without cryogenic treatments or modification.


    There are lots and lots of headphones out there which are clearer than these. Some of those headphones cost more, some cost less.

    To like these means getting used to their character. Your opinion may vary from mine.

    In the end just remember these cost as much as lunch out with a friend.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  2. opak
    Sennheiser HD 202
    Written by opak
    Published Nov 24, 2015
    Pros - Great sound quality on all ranges
    Cons - Not enough bass for me, Cord too long
    First pair of Sennheisers. First day of use.
    Really good sound quality, trebles and mids are extremely nice, but...
    In my opinion bass is not enough. Don't get me wrong, it has a really nice and clear bass.. It's just not strong enough.. As an electro lover, I'm looking for that sub punches that make my head blow up, for
    those 808's that make me want to put my hand on the cans, and feel them vibrate on my ears. If you're not looking for extreme bass, those headphones might be perfect for you. 
    They go louder than most of the low end headphones I used until now, and noise cancellation is really good. At some songs, if the volume is at maximum, there might be just a little bit of distortion for the really picky ears.
    If I hold the headphones in the air and shake them a bit, cheap plastic noises come from the cans' "angle" adjusters. Foam pads look just a little bit cheap aswell. After some time using them, my ears sweat a little. They are comfortable and light. The plastic doesn't feel cheap in my opinion.
    Ignoring the lack of power in bass, sound quality is amazing for this price. (38$)
    So, if you're a basshead, don't buy them, otherwise, they are a really great choice.
    1. Redcarmoose
      The bass will change with burn-in. At some point you may find that the HD202s to actually be bass heavy headphones. IMO.
      Redcarmoose, Nov 24, 2015
  3. serman005
    The HD 202--Excellent Value for the Money
    Written by serman005
    Published Jan 31, 2015
    Pros - Rhythm and pacing, overall musicality
    Cons - Sennheiser "veiling" fairly prominent; cable broke at one year
    This is a review of the Sennheirser HD 202 headphone. At the time of the review, the cans were at eleven months of near-continuous use. Bear with me, as this is only my second review on Head-Fi. With that, let's proceed.
    The HD 202 is a circumaural, closed design with pleather pads. The primary construction material is some sort of plastic. The cans are very lightweight, which makes them quite comfortable, as the pads are very soft. Clamp pressure is moderate, in my view as is depth. That said, they are not very large in absolute terms and my ears touch the pads at times, rather than being totally enclosed by them. In this sense, the headphones are, for me, almost on-the-ear at times. Adjusting the cans is simple with a plastic slide that moves easily. Overall, for this price point, design is about as good as can be imagined. Just a note, too, that my cable broke recently and had to be fixed.
    As I've said, comfort is quite good with these cans due to the light weight and the soft ear pads. No complaints here after nearly a year of use.
    Sound Quality
    These cans are, first of all, burned in for nearly a year of constant use. I listen to rock, country, jazz, bluegrass, and edm. In general, I would characterize the sound of these cans as very musical. Are they the final word in transparency and detail? No, definitely not. Still, they manage to communicate the emotion of music in a fairly profound way. A good example of this is Britney Spears' Everytime, in which the vocals are, indeed, haunting, delicate, and beautiful. The emotion in her voice is perfectly communicated. Still, there are issues. For one, the treble is markedly rolled off on many recordings. Often, this manifests as difficulty hearing ride and hi-hat cymbals, while still being able to hear the crashes. On The Eagles' Heartache Tonight, this is particularly evident. Ditto on Judas Priest's Electric Eye, in which the hi-hat is severely recessed. That said, on some recordings, in which the ride and hi-hat are cranked up, they can be heard just fine. Sugarland's From the Beginning is one of these. This recording was mastered with hot ride and hi-hat, and they are therefore easy to hear on the HD 202. On most recordings, however, I would say that the treble roll-off on the 202 means ride and hi-hat are going to be difficult to hear. I don't like this, personally, but keeping price in mind, I am willing to live with it. Bass, in the main, is quite solid on the 202, if not the last word in detail, harmonically. On LZ's Immigrant Song, the bass is solid and present as a foundation for the tune, but it lacks the richness that is present with my 681 Evo's. Vibe 2's, or Crossfade m100's. Still, this song shows the 202's remarkable knack for rhythm and pacing and just plain musicality. I find myself tapping my foot constantly when listening to these cans. Ozzy's Devil's Daughter is another example of this foot-tappingness. I guess what I am saying is that these headphones just seem to rock. They convey the emotion of music very, very well, especially for their ridiculous price. Do they deliver on the nth degree of detail and soundstaging? Of course not. The soundstage is quite small here. Still, I am tapping my foot. They don't sound like headphones, they sound like music being played. And that is quite an accomplishment. Lastly, there is very much present in these cans the Sennheiser veiling, in which it sounds a bit like there is a veil or scrim or something similar between me and the music. There is an absolute reduction in transparency. This is quite noticeable when switching to my Evo's or the v-moda's, where this veiling just isn't present. Still, for the money, it is hard to complain. They are very musical and enjoyable cans with limitations one would expect at their price. They are just plain fun to listen to.
    Summing Up
    Overall, these are very enjoyable cans on which to listen to music. Their rhythm and pacing are excellent, even while there is some veiling present. It doesn't seem to get in the way of enjoying music on these cans. They are a remarkable achievement at this price and I recommend them highly. You may find more detailed cans in this price range, but I doubt you will find more musical headphones. These cans have music all over them.
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  4. marmarama
    Impressive for the price
    Written by marmarama
    Published Dec 29, 2014
    Pros - Generally good sound quality, decent build, fairly comfortable
    Cons - Needs some oomph to start sounding good
    Had a pair of HD202s for a week now.  I'm mostly a convert to the benefits of in-ear headphones, but wanted a pair of on-ears for general household use.  Pleasantly surprised by them; the tone is, when driven properly, musical and detailed, the soundstage is decent, and isolation isn't bad either.  The tone has an emphasis on bass, but not to the exclusion of the mids and treble.  Some people might find them too bass-heavy, but the balance suits me fine.  Has the classic Sennheiser 'warm' character, which is impressive for the price.  With a bit of adjustment, they are comfortable for me to wear for extended periods of time, they feel solid enough (if plastic), and generally feel more expensive than they are.  The long cable is great for indoor listening, but annoying when on the move, even with the handy cable spooler that Sennheiser supplies.  But that's fine, I've got in-ears for that.
    One thing that really stood out for me as compared to my other headphones is that they make it very obvious which of my sources have decent headphone outputs and which don't - when used with devices with weak output electronics (or on good devices with the amplification circuit turned down low) the bass is really loose and flabby and generally the frequency response is all over the place.
    With decent headphone amplification, the bass tightens up nicely, the frequency response smooths out, and they are a LOT more pleasant to listen to.  All my in-ears seem a lot more forgiving of weak amplification, despite similar 32 ohm impedances to the HD202s.  If you're using these with e.g. a computer without an external amplifier, make sure you turn the master volume up high (thus cranking the headphone amp circuit up) and then use per-application volume controls to adjust to taste.  You'll get MUCH better results that way - it's like night and day with the HD202s.  Obviously if you've got external amplification then that's not a worry.
    Overall:  Ignoring price, a decent pair of on-ear headphones, good in pretty much all respects, though not outstanding.  Considering the purchase price, excellent.
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  5. hunolina
    Great cheap and quality headphones
    Written by hunolina
    Published Mar 20, 2014
    Pros - Cheap good quality comfort and durable
    Cons - cable too long and not be the hight end sonic headphones.
    Hey, I have this pair of headphones since 2005 and the moment i write this comment, he has his 9th years old. It is still in very good condition despite the fact that i use it almost every morning on train or tube traffic to get to work. It has a very light weight so you wont be tired of wearing it, quality audio is very very good for his price, bass, mid, soundstage .... everything present, neutre and seem quite balanced. I wish it can drive a bit more bass and control better the mid, and it can be a wonderful semi-open headphones.
    Omg, 9 years and there is still nothing goes wrong with it, It has been on my head in very bad condition, on vélo in the rain, snow, windy weather, or even in the hot of summer. I can tell you that i love this pair, still be very proud of him facing with people wearing Beats or others Sennheiser mates on transport public.
    To me, 8.5 /10 for the HD202, sure that it can't be compared to my others headphones like Grado, Denon or hight end Sennheiser, but at that price, what do you want more ?  
    Photo taken with his brand new big brother Denon D2000 in 2009  [​IMG]
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  6. zapanda
    Best deal I ever made
    Written by zapanda
    Published Dec 30, 2012
    Pros - amazing SQ, great bass
    Cons - uncomfortable after a few hours
    This was my first pair of over ear headphones. They surprised me a lot because I paid the equivalent of about $30 and got a whole lot more for that in terms of sound.
    I tried them out in the store, before purchasing, on my Samsung Galaxy S1 and eventually used them a lot on my work computer. Amazing sound quality! They have great bass, really punchy and deep, especially after about 20 hours of usage. 
    The only draw back is that they get a bit uncomfy after more than 2 hours of listening. I wear glasses and the cups press really hard on my ears. I have to take them off and have a break every now and then.
    They also leak sound at high volumes, but it's not anything dramatic. 
    Overall, these are a great pair of cans. I keep them as a backup. I've upgraded in the meantime, but I still come back to them now and then and they're still great.
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  7. captainsolo
    Senn HD202
    Written by captainsolo
    Published Dec 28, 2012
    Pros - Value, SQ for the $, relative comfort
    Cons - Overlong cord, not good for long periods
    The value on these is just incredible. I'll be the first to admit that my headphone knowledge is not the greatest, but it's 7 months in and I'm still surprised by these phones, which are still working perfectly. The design is simple and relatively comfortable, even for glasses wearers. (I currently wear pretty thick plastic frames too.) The isolation is not bad but outside sounds are still clearly noticeable. This is also a reason for these being not the best choice for activities because eventually the sweat and buildup will make you want to slip them off quickly.
    Comfort is great for the first 20 minutes to an hour, but after that there is a buildup of overall tightness that eventually makes you want to revert back to speaker listening.
    SQ is the biggest surprise because these $20-30 phones sound great across the board. In my eyes at the $20 I originally paid it's the best deal in everyday consumer cheap phones. We used them in my college radio station and I was floored at some of the sounds I was hearing out of these cheapo studio phones, even in comparison to the far more cumbersome hd280 pros!
    But why in the heck is the darned cord so long??
    All in all, you get what you pay for. These are a great cheap headphone choice for general listening for short periods.
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  8. ameer150
    Written by ameer150
    Published Nov 12, 2012
    Pros - Excellent Sound quality, Decent Bass, lengthy cable
    Cons - at maximum volumes, it does leak sound outside and screams a bit..
    I have had this for a couple of weeks now. My first Senn Can. Spent a lot of time browsing forums and reviews before i got this one and all i can say is , it was worth the read.
    As far as the cans, these are definately value for money considering the other  branded cans with an expensive tag. I got this in India for 2100 ruppes which is around 38$. I have read that these do come under 25$ but this is the best i could get in India. The sound quality-decent mids, bass and the whole experience is pleasant and punchy. At maximum volume, it does scream a bit(depends on the genre), but i can bet that one need not tune-up to max volumes all the time. I listen to all genre, i can say that it suits for all whether its Rock, grunge or hip-hop.
    the sound does leak a bit, person next to you can easily hear it when the volume is more than 50% or so and on the other hand, there is definately a bit of noise cancellation, you do feel the lock of sound space when you wear them.
    I strongly suggest this headphone for starters. With its price tag, in my opinion this is definately worth it.
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  9. TerminalDeath6
    Affordable and Reliable
    Written by TerminalDeath6
    Published Oct 26, 2012
    Pros - Great Sound, Comfortable, Affordable
    Cons - Long Cord
    I bought my Sennheiser 202's not even a week ago and already loving them! They have wonderful treble, mid, and bass and work with my music. The problem i have which seems to be recurring is the long cord which can be a hassle when im skateboarding. I was very shocked at how cheap they were too. Before i bought these my friend told me to get what he had which were skullcandy mesh's but i stumbled onto this website and did some research on the choices my local store had and i saw the reviews for these and thought id give it a shot.
    I highly recommend these for anyone who want a good pair of headphones and are on a budget.
    Im new here too so sorry if my review wasnt that great.
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    1. XxDobermanxX
      Yup this and koss porta pro
      XxDobermanxX, Oct 27, 2012
  10. dragonguy23
    Cheap, but great headphones!
    Written by dragonguy23
    Published Sep 15, 2012
    Pros - Detachable earpieces for storage and portability, good sound, equal bass and treble, not too expensive, long cord. Comfortable.
    Cons - Long cord, not very portable in terms of going outside with it.
    Alright, so I bought these because I needed to replace my broken Superlux HD699s since I accidentally dropped them because the wire snagged the chair. I did some research on these cans, and most of the reviews I have seen are positive and they were right.
    Here's my review:
    The sound itself is flat, the bass or the treble is balanced. The mid-range is also well balanced. When I first wore them, I listened to some songs, from drum n bass, rock, to dubstep. They sounded well, the treble is not as sharp as the one from the HD669s.
    I find it comfortable, even if I wear glasses. I can wear these without feeling any pain outside my ears for long periods of time. The only thing is, when you wear them for long periods of time, your ears will sweat and I also find it hard to fit at times.
    These headphones' is too long to be portable, even with the accessory that shortens the wire. But in terms of carrying it around, it's not too bad, since you can remove the earpieces and them stow them away in a bag or a carrying case.
    One of the main reasons why I bought them. The thing itself is sleek black, just sleek black...
    A good pair to start with if you want to DJ or just want a pair that reproduces the music well.


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