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Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

  1. Jaisah
    Good for the price
    Written by Jaisah
    Published Aug 20, 2010
    Pros - Plenty of bass
    Cons - Long cable makes them very annoying to use anywhere apart from at home.
    These are great headphons if you dont want to spend very much but still want a capable pair of headphones. They produce strong bass but if you try to put on a more bassy equaliser you might find them distorting. They are comfortable and tough with my only dislike being the length of the cable, even with the provided tool to wind them up onto they are still unweildy if you plan to take them away from home.
  2. Deathz0r
    These headphones :P
    Written by Deathz0r
    Published Aug 19, 2010
    Pros - Amazing sound quality even on integrated audio
    Cons - not DJ style
    I bought these with the intention of replacing my Plantronics Gamecom 367 closed ear gaming headset and they are doing an excellent job thus far. They sound great (need a headphone amp btw if you dont have a decent audio source).
    Precision Detail, despite lacking "oomph"
    Published Aug 14, 2010
    Pros - Astonishing detail in mid and upper frequencies, very cost-efficient
    Cons - Sensitive build material (plastic), lacking bass, thin cords, needs to be amped to show true potential
    I bought a pair of these during my vacation in Hong Kong, and I must say that I was amazed on the first listen. These cans offer immense precision when it comes to the mid and upper ranges. This is especially evident when you hear the crisp snaps of the snare drums in an audio recording.
    However, the bass is there, just not as upfront as you would expect from Sennheiser. The bass is VERY tight, and provides an overall well-balanced sound. Some people say that the bass is lacking, but they are incorrect. This headphone has a lighter bass load, but not enough that it bloats over the track.
    These headphones are improved GREATLY when you add in a Fiio E5 into the mix. With a proper amp to drive these cans, they sound absolutely marvellous! The bass range is definitely upped, and now you have crystal clear highs with plenty of warm, undistorted bass.
    Definitely needs to be amped, but a great budget headphone overall.
  4. releaseme88
    Great value. Good entry level cans.
    Written by releaseme88
    Published Jul 16, 2010
    Pros - Balanced, light, ipod compatible.
    Cons - Uncomfortable, ugly, weak structual point
    First off, these Sennheisers are super value. I paid £12 and for that price, you can't get a brand new pair of on-ear headphones that can beat this. The highs and lows, treble and bass is well balanced. The clarity far surpasses anything in the same price range. Clearly not Sennheiser's masterpeice, but they seem to be aimed at the infrequent user, who is simply looking to go one up from the poor stock earphones that came with their mp3 player (mp3/ipod compatible, very low impedance @ 24ohms).
    HD 201's become uncomfortable and it gets hot under the pads after about 30mins of use, though this will keep you warm in the colder outside air..
    For myself, comfort means alot. What's the point in a great set of headphones if listening to your music after half an hour become unbearable. Other than that, these would be a highly recommended bargain.