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Sennheiser EH-250 Digital DJ Headphones

  1. Brooko
    Budget For Beginners - EH 250 by Sennheiser
    Written by Brooko
    Published Aug 11, 2011
    Pros - Soft pads, lightweight, surprising clarity, replaceable cord
    Cons - Boomy bass, comfort
    My first full size set of cans [​IMG].
    We still have them - although they are for the kids now as I've moved up the chain just a little.
    The Sennheiser EH-250's are a closed supra-aural headphone, which are very lightweight and portable.
    Tech Specs

    Above was from Sennheiser's website
    The build is very good.  They are lightweight, and the only real sign of wear from 4 years of constant use is some paint chipping off the headband.  The cables are replaceable - we've had to replace once due to a broken wire.  They are very comfortable to wear  - initially.  The headband is extremely well shaped and soft.  The pads are also extremely soft, and if you don't mind supra-aural cans - they should be great for you.  I found that after about 2 hours - they began to get quite painful.  If the pads were slightly larger (and circumaural) for me they would be fantastic.  They are not foldable, but the cups swivel slightly allowing good positioning for comfort.
    Isolation / Clamp
    These have a really good clamp on them - possibly contributing to my ear pain from the cushions over time.  They isolate exceptionally well - and would be great for portable use.
    When these were my only can, I thought they sounded absolutely awesome.  As I was exposed to more cans, I slowly realised that while these provide good sound, they do not provide great sound.
    The mids are warm, and the highs are actually quite nice - although not extending very far.  The freq spectrum I would definitely say is V-shaped (emphasis on bass and treble).  They are clear without being overly detailed.  The biggest issue with them is the bass.  it's definitely there, but it is not defined.  It's punchy but overall a little boomy and sloppy.  It doesn't overpower as much as the low Beats (also has better definition) - it's just not what I now expect from my cans.
    They are a 'fun' sound rather than an accurate one.
    The kids however think it is great - and we will probably buy something similar (HD203) so they each have their own set of cans.
    The equiv $65 US I paid was NZD converted, and headphones are expensive in my part of the world.  I think the equivalent model (maybe slightly better drivers now) for these is the HD203 - they look the same anyway.  The EH-250 would be ideal for entrants to mid-fi looking for a portable can with a warm, bassy (thumpy) signature.  They're also ideal for kids  - being a  cheap option.
    If you're looking for bass definition - look elsewhere.  If it's just bass quantity and portability on a tight budget - these could be exactly what you need.
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    2. Tadgh
      Are those creative T40 IIs in the background? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We're a rare breed, you and I.
      Tadgh, Aug 20, 2015
    3. Brooko
      No - those were T20's.  Not bad speakers and served their purpose well.  Nowadays I have a pair of JBL LSR 305's.  Really good monitors without breaking the bank :)
      Brooko, Aug 20, 2015
    4. Tadgh
      Damn ;-; that's what I meant to say..

      After having my love for a good 2 years I've just moved on to a pair of Zensor 3s, but the T20s have earned their place in my life and they're currently being used by my dad in his office! They won't be thrown anytime soon :)
      Tadgh, Aug 20, 2015
  2. Kelu
    Good set of cans.
    Written by Kelu
    Published Jan 7, 2011
    Pros - Sound awesome.
    Cons - The look is not very fashion forward.
    The bottom line is that I loved these headphones.  They were my first set of decent of headphones following my growing hatred of the apple earbuds.  They were also easily powered by my iPod touch 2G.  I recommend them.