Sennheiser CX 880 i Audiophile Quality In-Ear Headphone (Black)

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  1. Bloodstriker
    "Good budget IEM"
    Pros - Jack of all trades
    Cons - Master of none
    I bought these a few weeks ago, and like the other reviewer mentioned, they don't do anything too special. They are fairly detailed for an IEM at this level, and provide globs of bass. The inline iphone remote is especially nice. There is quite of bit of microphonics.
    I will be keeping these as IEMs to use at the gym.
  2. BBBS
    "Briefly owned and not worth the cost"
    Pros - Very very handsome
    Cons - I suspect they're dressed up cheaper models
    I listened to these very carefully, and although I almost fell in love with them and their very businesslike appearance, I did feel like an idiot for wearing something that's all about its looks. Swapping between these and similarly priced earphones I found that while they're inoffensive, they were doing nothing out of the ordinary besides looking like a million bucks, and their writeup on Senn's site and the packaging seemed to back this up.
    As I'm writing this I kind of wish I still had them, but at least they sold for their cost on eBay.