Sennheiser CX 870 ear canal phones

  1. darkshyed
    Changed my work life!
    Written by darkshyed
    Published Jul 13, 2012
    Pros - Amazing sound quality, Comfortable, Versatile, Well priced
    Cons - Took a little getting used to
    Upgraded from my CX-215's WHICH ARE ALSO AMAZING! But these kill it in audio replication.
    I use these at work with my Sanza Fuze (Rockboxed and playing flac's) and it makes the day's fly by, My only complaint was at first finding the proper seal took a little work, also seemed to have a slight burn in period (which wasnt to bad) but when i first purchased the headphones I was disappointed because i thought my CX-215's blew these away until I burned them in then WOW!! clear crisp audio that has a nice punch when you do decide to crank the bass up a bit.
    Took a little time to find my sweet spot using the rockbox EQ settings on the fuze but once I did they are a pure dream. Planning on getting the IE8's soon and seeing what impact it has because I cant believe it still gets better!!
    1. XxDobermanxX
      Sennheiser FTW
      XxDobermanxX, Jul 14, 2012
  2. AndrewHume1
    CX870 review - A great pair of budget phones
    Written by AndrewHume1
    Published Jun 2, 2012
    Pros - Great isolation, detailed bass, accurate highs
    Cons - build quality has room for improvement
    Overall excellent buds, very good sound quality, especially for their price, the medium set of tips fits exactly in my ears and provides a near perfect seal. Bass is very detailed, but not overpowering, and the highs are very accurate and present.
    Sadly, however, after 1 year and 1 week (which takes me just out of warranty) the right earphone has died, so I am now looking to get some gr07's [​IMG]
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    2. cce121
      I have a pair too, but the bass is too much and boomy for me.
      Isolation is okay only. Decent clarity and quite a fun sound IMO though.
      se215 make more sense i think,better isolation and decent bass. Unless it doesn't fit you or you want a emphasized highs.
      cce121, Jun 3, 2012
    3. cce121
      Talking about fitting,do you have any sony hybrid tips that you can try to fit on cx870?
      The stock medium tips fit me just okay but medium hybrid tips i tried have always been perfect seal for me.
      cce121, Jun 4, 2012
    4. AndrewHume1
      Nope, as I said, one side has stopped working, roll on the GR07's
      AndrewHume1, Jun 4, 2012
  3. ranjanis
    Great value, great sound!
    Written by ranjanis
    Published Mar 29, 2011
    Pros - Sound quality is spot on compared to many other earbuds, bass is just right and isn't overwhelming.
    Cons - Fits my ears well, but took some adjustment for my boyfriend
    For those looking to trade up from headphones provided with your portable audio device, this is the perfect gateway drug to begin appreciating Sennheiser products.  You'll instantly notice a significant increase in the audio quality compared to what your music previously sounded like.
    These earbuds are durable and good for everyday use.