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Sennheiser CX 5.00G Black In-Ear Canal Headset

  1. Slaphead
    A pleasant listen
    Written by Slaphead
    Published May 26, 2016
    Pros - Cost, General sound signature,
    Cons - Lacking detail, but at this price point waht do you expect.
    It was raining, and I mean really raining. This was a problem as I really wanted to listen Radiohead's new album ( A Moon Shaped Pool) on my always seemingly endless commute to work. The first part of my commute involves a 15 minute walk, and this morning it meant walking for 15 minutes in a nasty rain shower.

    I didn't want to use my new T20s as they've only had about 10 hours on them, so it would be a shame if I screwed them up as a result of water damage. My trusty HD25s had survived much worse weather in the past, but I really didn't want to take headphones today.

    Glancing through my under used IEMs in the hope I'd come across something I didn't mind trashing my eyes hit upon the SE210. Sure I didn't mind if they suffered death at the hands of water as they sound awful, worse than Apple earpods, but that's the problem - they sound awful. Next up were the Beyer IDX160 Xi, or whatever (Seriously Beyer, sort out your product naming). Nice and warm, but I always had problems getting a seal. Then I noticed the CX 5.00i. Hmmm, I thought, these'll do.

    I bought these last summer as the weather was too hot to wear over ears, and I got them from a generic electrical shop near where I work. However since the last summer ended they've languished on a shelf in my office.

    Well, good news, the rain didn't demolish them, and I think I found something pretty good for the money I paid.

    Packaging and what you get.

    Pretty basic. You get the IEMs of course, 4 silicone eartip sizes ranging from XS S M L, and a square plastic box, plus insert, both of which serve as a carrying case. The insert provides a way of neatly wrapping and storing the IEMs, but it's a real pain to use - bascially you'll use it twice before deciding it's to much hassle, and then take the insert out, just wrap the IEMs around your hand and then dump them into the plastic box.

    Theres an inline control on the right cable with mic which works as expected with volume controls and a start stop button - all easily findable. There are two versions of this IEM. One is the CX 5.00i where the inline control is compatible with iOS devices, and the CX 5.00G which theoretically should work with Android devices, however the G stands for Galaxy which is Samsung which means it's not guaranteed to work with all Android devices.

    I didn't test the mic as I used it with an iPod Touch 6th gen, so I have no idea on how it performs.

    The cable claims to be tangle free, but as anybody knows that means that the cable may tangle less. The cable seems pretty solid and it appears to have an oval shape. The plug is a 90 degree plug with no strain relief as such - I see this as a potential problem down the road, especially with people less than careful with their equipment. That said, if you're easy on them then the cable seems pretty resilient overall.

    Construction, Fit, Comfort

    As far as construction goes these are plastic, totally plastic apart from the nozzles which are metal, of some sort. It immediately strikes you as cheap construction, but plastic is often a better choice for things such as IEMs as it's light and is unlikely to dent if dropped. All in all while they didn't seem as solid as a metal housing would, they nevertheless seemed pretty robust.

    The fit from these seemed perfect using the default medium tips supplied. Isolation was OK but not brilliant - as you probably know most IEMs with dynamic drivers need a vent of some sort to allow them to do their stuff, and these are no exception, so as a result of the vent the isolation was merely OK.

    Comfort was fine, but I've noticed that my left ear begins to itch a bit after around an hour of use, but given that I very rarely use IEMs for more than an hour this was acceptable for me. Everybody's ear canals are different so this may or may not affect you.

    A quick note about the tips. The tips are unusual in that they have a "crossbar" which goes across the nozzle. The IEMs themselves also have a foam insert inserted into the nozzle which I think serves two purposes. The first is to tune the output - it's kind of like a filter if you like, and also to protect the driver from errant earwax falling into the nozzle. The crossbar on the tip is to prevent this foam insert from falling into your ears. This is a good thing IMO.


    I found these to have a warm pleasant sound, but will pick up the pace when needed. Detail is on the lacking side, but for me acceptable at this price point.

    Sub Bass

    Yes, these IEMs do have sub bass when called for. It's not excessive, but it's there and it isn't one note. Listening to one of my many DJ D&B mixes the sub bass was definitely apparent and was able to convey a melody. Detail was lacking, but nevertheless it was there and it was musical.

    Bass/Mid bass

    As with a lot of consumer IEMs there is a mid bass hump, but it's not distracting as it seems to fit in with the overall tuning of these IEMs. Maybe the midbass bleeds a little into the lower midrange, but if so it gives a bit of warmth to it which is quite pleasant. Overall I found the bass to be more musical than accurate, but then again we're listening to music, right?


    Sweet, in a word. The lower midrange has a warmth to it which when combined with the upper midrange seems to give a cohesive whole. It's not overly detailed, but IMO that's not the remit of these IEMs. They just seem to want to give you a musical presentation.


    It's there, obviously, but can sound a little artificial. The treble extension is OK but not overly fantastic either, but it can apparently be improved by removing the foam insert found inside the nozzle, but then you risk earwax dropping into the driver. In truth I found the treble fitting well with the rest of the character of this IEM. Again detail was lacking in comparison with headphones costing a lot more, but that's to be expected at this price point.


    I actually really enjoyed these little IEMs, they have a nice balanced sound to my ears - maybe a bit bassy and lacking detail, but nonetheless a pleasant sound which delivers music to your ears. Sure there not going to challenge anything costing more, and quite frankly there are probably better choices at this price point or lower. However these IEMs are ubiquitous in that you'll probably find them in any electrIcal store. Brands such as RHA or Sound magic in my experience tend not to be available everywhere, at least here in Switzerland, meaning you have to order online or find a specialist shop.

    So what I'm saying is that if you're upgrading from your earbuds provided with your phone, or if you have a big ticket IEM that you're reluctant to use in "hostile" environments and are thinking about something "disposable" then there's a good chance that these will fit the bill.
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    1. rackinov
      Great review, I was a bit split on these and you put it perfectly, sounds musical but that accuracy is definitely lacking compared to others in the price range. I use a pair of beyerdynamic MMX 102ies for most of my listening while travelling but they're just too uncomfortable for long journeys so these are a real saviour with their light weight and comfortable shape.
      rackinov, Jan 2, 2017
  2. Tom22
    An Android's Best Friend: A comfy, bassy listen within your fingertips
    Written by Tom22
    Published Nov 18, 2014
    Pros - 3 button remote for Android Users, Very comfortable, Good looking, warm, bassy sound, low profile L shape jack,
    Cons - mostly plastic design, midrange a bit laidback for me, a bit loose in the bass
    The newly released Sennheiser CX 5.00G is their latest upgrade to their CX 500.  The G in the name indicates that its intended which is the android audience, specifically the Samsung “Galaxy” population.  However, this earphone as stated on the box is compatible with a number of android products, making this a very convenient travel companion in today’s society where many people doing most of their music listening on their smartphones. There is also a CX 5.00i (for the IOS audience as well)
    I want to thank Sennheiser for their patience (I have been swamped at work for a last little while) and for sending a sample of the CX 5.00G out for review.
    Here is my video review on youtube: be sure to subscribe
    I also created a thread here for these earphone. (click the link below) *hint* discovered a special modifications that changes the sound, stay tuned for updates!
    And now onto the review!
    Features: As stated above, this earphone was intended for the Samsung population. Boasting a 3 button remote on the right side (Volume +/-, play, pause, rewind, fast forward, take/end calls & mic) compatible with all Samsung smartphones and various other Android phones as well (LG, HTC, and Sony.) There are not many earphones out there with full android functionality and I think it’s a welcome addition.  (Something to note: the centre button and mic works on IOS devices, for calls and to play/pause/manage music). The buttons have the perfects size and good tactile feedback with the centre button having a small bump. The mic is also fantastic, the other person didn’t even know I was using a headset, very clear and mitigated most of the background noise.
    Features Overall: 9/10 (A 3 button compatible remote for android’s is more than welcome)
    Accessories: These earphones are a bit light in terms of accessories:
    1. 4 sizes eartips (XS,S,M,L)- which have a line across the centre ( filtering the sound Click here to see post on how it changes sound
      1. First impression:
      2. Review video: (will update)
    2. 1 plastic carrying case (which I think most people will take out the plastic insert). Very protective however.
    Accessories Overall: 6/10 (considering it’s price tag, I would’ve have wanted more eartip selection, and a slightly more compact carrying case.
    Design: Similar to their little brothers the CX 3.00, the Sennheiser has a taken a huge leap forward with the design of the CX 5.00 which takes away the traditional earbud design into something with personality and character. The housing has a shimmer, glitter onyx colour on the black black version. (these also come in white). The earpieces have a long metal faceplate showing off the Sennheiser logo. 
    Design Overall: 9/10 (a very tasteful yet good looking design)
    Build Quality: Its built similarly to their younger brother (the CX 3.00)which is a good thing because it feels reassuring in the hand without feeling clunky or cumbersome. Something to note, is that it is an all plastic construction with the exception of the metal faceplate and nozzle. However, its well relieved in all the key areas, it carries a low profile L shape jack and the cable is elliptical shaped and tangle resistant. Also, the nozzle is made out of entirely metal, which I think is a huge plus in my book. (as the nozzle can be a point of weakness for earphones).
    Build Quality Overall: 8/10 (I would like a bit more metal in its construction but the metal nozzle and the dense plastic is executed really well)
    Comfort: Very comfortable! The combination of the soft eartips, rounded housing and the angled nozzle allows it to sit comfortably and securely in my ears. The long metal faceplate allows for easy insertion and removal (plenty of room for your fingers to hold onto). I really like Sennheiser’s attention to the little details here.
    Comfort Overall: 9/10 (One of the most comfortable earphones, I’ve ever used, they really disappeared in my ears)
    Isolation: these are a vented design. However, I think isolation is slightly above average. I was able to use them when using the subway without having to turn up the volume, but the subway screeching did creep in, but as a whole not bad!
    Isolation Overall: 7.5/10 (passable for commuting but does allow for some situational awareness).
    Microphonics/Cable Noise: Wearing these cable down only mildly bothersome when worn cable down.(Wearing these cable up, eliminates almost all cable noise)
    Cable noise Overall:  7/10
    Sound: Sennheiser has tuned this earphone to have warm and bassy, easy going more consumer grade sound, while trying to remain as balanced as possible. It has a sound that’s enjoyable and very likeable. I think Sennheiser has a done a great job!
    Bass: It’s still emphasized, but in comparison to their little brothers the CX 3.00, the bass here is toned down much more. There is still plenty of low end grunt here, and its tighter in comparison. The bass here is meaty and punchy though a bit on the looser side, that will please bass lovers but won’t alienate everyone else.
    Mids: the midrange here is a more laidback compared to the bass. I feel the midrange is has good clarity, taking consideration of the bass prominence, and conveys a thicker presentation overall, with just a hint of veiling. In particular, male vocals I think are more forward in the mix, with more body than their female counterparts. That said, the female vocals here are still clear, but conveys a more smoothness and easy going sound over pure resolution a plus for long listening session. Detail freaks need not apply but everyone else, I think will enjoy these very much)
    Treble: The treble here is decent extension but as a whole I think its leaning more on polite side (I still yearn for more extension but then again I like a bright sound, for reference). It’s not for those craving air, or those that want the crunch or bite in the treble. However, those seeking fatigue free listening, for example they want to hear all the trumpets and cymbal crashes, without the ear ringing or eye squinting that comes with it, the CX 5.00 will please. I think this is great plus, because the wider consumer market would listening to more mainstream music that is geared towards more electronic synths and beats, and this makes those beeps and bloops easy to listen to.
    Soundstage: I would say average, its well centred but is missing out a bit on width
    Sound Overall: 7/10
    In conclusion, I have to say even though the sound was not exactly “my sound signature”. It was still a very enjoyable sound for me. Also, the fact that the CX 5.00G really made me think twice about leaving my iPod touch (my dedicated music device) at home, opting to listen straight off my Samsung S3. This just speaks volume. I think Sennheiser has winner here! It’s a great pairing for anyone looking for a comfortable, bassy, convenient travel companion with your Android (for the G version) or IOS (for the i version) device.
    Overall: 62.5/80= 78.1%
    Below are some pictures I've taken, enjoy!