Sennheiser CX 400-II Stereo Ear-Canal Headphones - Black

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  1. minhquancanon7d
    Pros - Bass, sound quality
    Cons - Sound stage, build quality, not so clarify
    The left side died after 9 months with light use. In the other hand, It has pretty good sound quality compared with my ety mc5
  2. genesisman
    "Sennheiser CX 400-II Stereo Ear-Canal Headphones"
    Pros - packaging
    Cons - sound quality, build quality
    I was extremely disappointed with these, thinking they'd sound much better than they do. They sounded, weak, thin, and tinny, with no bass. After reading some reviews here and elsewhere I can't believe the rating they get compared with what I got -- so I'm wondering if I got a bad pair. But it's way too late to return them now.
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  3. Xcellent
    "Okay Overall IEM"
    Pros - Build Quality, Good Design, Noice Cancellation
    Cons - Not for Over-Ear use, Boring after awhile, No Soundstage at all.
    Hello HeadFi, this is my first review so I thought I will begin with some overall normal IEM's, that for me started my audio addiction :)
    My first experience when I first bought this is that it was pretty good. They come with alot of accessories that has enough options for everyone. The case where it comes in is pretty strong, I still got a mark on my hands of the scissors. The cable feels sturdy and the Y split is not to long or too short. But because of how the cable is connected on the monitors, it is not comfortable for over-the-ear use.
    So the first time I putted it in my Ipod it was okay, Not like WOW-jaw-dropping good, but then I was not expecting that when I bought it. Bass was overwhelming and there high notes were sharp and kind of out of place. So after my 200+ hours burn-in I started to like the CX400 II more and more everday. But after 7 months it became boring.
    High's are still abit sharp and not very clear, Bass/Mids are good. Bass can be a bit overwhelming at times but it sounds controlled. Like Xstream said before me, it may needs some tweaking to get it right for you're own personall taste. You can definetly feel that you have IEM's in, so it feels that the earphones involves with the music.
    The best part about these earphones are the noice cancellation. It is so good that when I go to the bathroom I cant even hear the toilet flush. (Too much info..?) Perfect for noisy environments like cities, train stops, or a bathroom... etc. You may want to test diffrent tips first. I used the Dual flang medium size tips to give the best noise cancellation, it may be a bit too bassy for other people, just see which ones you like.
    The price i paid for it was €64 which comes to about $82. It was because i purchased it 1 day after the release of these earphones, now they are alot cheaper.
    I can recommand this to people who need more then the usuall sound the $5-35 buds give them, or people who just wants to enjoy their music in busy environments and don't want to spend a awful lot on high-end IEM. For me, these earphones gave me a really good experience and it made my passion for sound quality grow alot. They are a perfect step-in model for people who want to take it a step higher.
    I hope I helped, if you have any questions or suggestions about this review. Just PM me :)
  4. Xstream
    "Good value"
    Pros - Value, noise cancellation, full sound, pretty design
    Cons - Not very exciting
    Considering the value these are fine in-ear headphones. The design is slim and classy. 
    They fit well and are delivered with enough fitting options for most people. The comfort is fine, but my ears do start to itch/irritate a little after a few hours.  They are small enough for lying on your head without getting too uncomfortable. 
    The sound is full and solid, but the soundstage isn't very exciting. It still feels like you really have earphones in. They don't take you away. It's a little bass driven and mids / highs need some tweaking to get it right (personal ofcourse).
    Highs become a little sharp when opening them up with the equalizer (iAudio 9).
    Generally they are warm sounding earphones. 
    But i don't have much reference material. The phones is used before were also entry level Sennheisers. And personally i prefered those over this one. (can't remembert the model no.)
    Im now upgrading to a Shure SE535, so i'll update this post after i've had a listen to those. Although it's in a total different price range obviously. 
    Noise Cancellation
    This is the part where the CX400-II really shine. You get cut off from the world and all you hear is the music playing. At low volumes you can still here something a little bit, but compared to the other Sennheisers i had before, these really made a difference in this area.
    Considering the price, these are very good earphones.