Sennheiser CX 281 Ear Canal Headphones with Volume Control

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This new collection of affordable a dn stylish headphones provides a wide variety to consumers, particularly young sound lovers. There are six models each for men and women.

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Pros: treble extension , perfect mids , strong cable, textured bass, great isolation
Cons: LONG burn in period , ear pieces come off easily and you may lose them
Hi every one
This is my second review 
my first review was about ATH-m50 over ear headphones.
well as you see they are completely different things.
Actually I asked to return them 5 minutes after I bought them for 55 bucks and that was because I was a basshead at the time and I thought they didn't have enough bass.
but the store's policy didn't accept returns so I listened to them and let me tell they get a LOT better after being burnt in for at least 100 Hrs.
the highs extend dramatically. bass and mid become clear too.
I guess if Sennheiser could burn them in then sell them for twice the price I would buy them again. ( as I said I treated them real bad and the plug is broken)
here is a picture link:
Thank you for reading .
Have a good Time


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