Sennheiser Adidas HD 25-1 II Orginals Headphones (Black/Blue)

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Our very popular HD 25-1 II has been given a design makeover by Adidas Orginals, featuring the brands iconic "3 stripes" design and blue color identity.

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Pros: Very clear sound, good fit, very durable material, ships with spare parts
Cons: Pricey, sometimes one of the side loose sound. Must fiddle with connector to get it back.
I always though there is no way I would spend more than $50 on a pair of headphones. 
I owned various cheaper headphones, lately a TDK over the hear that cost just under $40 at JB-HIFI Australia.
When selecting that TDK, I tested all the headphones available for Demo at the store, with price ranging from $10 to $400 (Dr Beat...). And that $40 TDK actually sounded pretty good and made an excellent value for money.
Unfortunately, after less than 6 month of use, the cable at the jack end started to show its guts and finally cut itself off. JB-HIFI replaced it no questions asked. So I taped that cable end to make sure it would last longer... not much longer before it happened again, not to the cut step though, so it is still usable.
I saw someone with one of these Sennheiser HD-25, older model. He told me he had it for over 10 years now. It didn't look very clean and the cushions looked totally worn off. 
Checking online, Dick Smith Electronics had the Adidas model HD-25 ii for just under $200! I did not hesitate and ordered it right away.
What a surprise to see all the goodies in that box. A full set of white cushions to replace the blue ones when they need it. Very nice. The first thing I checked was the cable near the jack plug. It did seem very strong, so did the overall product. When holding it, one can feel it is great material use for its manufacturing.
At that price, I thought I better use it very well and I spent a bit of time "burning it", up to 100 hours after reading several forums on how to start with expensive headphones.
Now it is almost 18 months I have it and wear it non stop, inside and outside. It took some rain a few times. It still looks as brand new!
The blue cable is absolutely perfect with no sign of folding damages anywhere!
The only critics I would give is that sometimes, at random, one of my cup loses the sound. I have to touch/push the cable connecting it at the top to have it back. I took it off, cleaned it, but this keeps happening. It is not a big deal as once back, it stays. I am not sure why this happens. Luckily I only paid $200 for it. I would not pay more though.
Seeing this headphone priced $400 at Amazon is way too much for my wallet. But if money is not an issue, when compared to the other hedphones in the big league (I have tested Bang & Olufsen in Sydney, priced in the same range, I have tested Dr Beat and other like Audio Technica), I can definitely say this is a great headphone. It would make a perfect gift.
I hope this can help someone.
Pros: Great for modern music (hip-hop, rap, dubstep, electronic, metal), excellent isolation, the color!
Cons: Comfort could be a problem, sound signature might not be for every genre, a bit expensive considering the HD25-1 II can be had for $100 less
This is my review of the Sennheiser HD25-1 II Adidas Original headphone.
First of all, if I have to give a reward to the best looking headphone, I would grant the HD25-1 II Adidas Originals the award. They just look absolutely fantastic with the blue and black color combination!
Aside from the great looks, these are great sounding headphones for modern style of music where vocals are not the focus. With a good emphasis in the treble and bass region, these sounded really well with electronic music, hip-hop, rap, and even metal or hard rock. However, as I have mentioned in the video, these headphones are not so great for classical or soft pop due to their nature of being a closed back headphone with the speakers so close to the ears. What this results in is a very small soundstage, and decent instrument separation. Furthermore, strings instruments in general just does not sound very good on this headphone; there's something in the mid-range just took a lot away from classical music.
However, this headphone is famous in the DJ community for a reason, and it is the energetic sound signature, and in combination with the sound isolation that makes this headphone one of the best in the business; if not the best.
This is a definite recommended headphone for those looking for a very energetic and fun sound signature. 
And if you don't dig the color scheme, Sennheiser will let you own one of these headphones for $100 less. Great deal 

For a more detailed review, please see my video review located here:

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Great write up!
Thank you for the kind words :)
Yeah ! I agree 100% ! 
Pros: Clarity, details and quite neutral
Cons: Small soundstage
If you want to relax with Jazz music, go find something like the HD650s and give it 5 stars as you found a true Hifi gear.
This pair HD25s were not born to do some stuff like that imo.


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