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Sendiy M2 IEM

  1. happ
    Incredible sounding single dynamic driver IEM at any price range.
    Written by happ
    Published Apr 13, 2016
    Pros - Huge soundstage, precise imaging, tunable sound filters, comfortable fit
    Cons - Slightly lacking top end air and detail. L & R markings are small.
    Description and Technical Specifications:
    The Sendiy M2 is a Chinese made IEM available from various online sellers.  Thanks to Member 1clearhead for discovering and sharing these.  I purchased two sets from AliExpress seller Easy Earphone.  The housings are made of Ebony looking wood and aluminum; with a 1.2m cable and straight 3.5mm male connector.  Overall build quality is excellent.  The cable has a teflon like coating that prevents tangling.
    Current price range is $29USD for a "bare bones" version and $55 for the full package version.  The bare bones package comes with two sets of sound filters (black and silver), 4 sets of eartips, cable clip and case.  In addition to these, the full package version comes in an impressive retail box, instruction card and an audio CD that consists of a wide range of Chinese influenced music.
    Advertised specs: Single 8mm carbon fiber micro-coil dynamic driver, 16 ohms, 10-20,000Hz frequency response, 108dB sensitivity.
    Comfort and Fit:
    The housings are relatively small and very light; maximum diameter measures 11.4mm, 17.25mm length without sound filters, 21.7mm overall length including sound filters.  Diameter of the sound filter tips are 5.48mm. They are extremely comfortable and the light weight make these my go to travel IEM.  They work excellent with a wide variety of eartips; silicone, foam, double flange; with my preference being the Spinfit mediums.  The markings for the Left and Right are molded into the black cable relief and is quite small.  This can be easily fixed by marking the flat ends of the housing or via eartips.
    Sound Quality:
    These are the best overall sounding single dynamic driver IEM I have heard to date, regardless of price.  Would characterize these as neutral sounding with outstanding frequency range.  Dynamics, imaging, clarity, speed, detail and transparency are top notch that rival the SQ of my FitEar TG334.  Soundstage presentation is well extended and solid,with a kind of holographic feel. However being a single DD, they slightly lack micro level detail in the mid and high frequency range that a high end multiple driver IEM can produce. 
    They do need to burn in for at least 100 hours to fully shine.  They are very easy to drive and work well with my portable sDuoo XD-03; even better on my reference system.
    Low frequency response is superb and extends well into the sub bass region nicely.  With a nice textured punch, rumble and ability to sustain reverberations on electronic and pop music that emphasize bass in the mix.  Acoustic bass lines are reproduced excellently with great speed and accuracy.
    Overall sound is very full; warm and smooth.  Vocals and acoustic instruments are presented accurately; very uncolored and neutral with nice air and extension.  Transitions from lows to highs are seamless, and believe this is where a single DD design outshines many hybrid driver units.
    Treble is natural sounding, open and accurate.  Extension is excellent with a touch of warmth.  Percussion instruments sound realistic with no smear or splashyness.  Resolution is on the warmer side.
    Sound Tuning:
    There are two sound filter tips (nozzles) included with the stock unit; distinguished by color.  They are both the same dimensions, with the black filter having a small hole near the base where it screws into the housing.  Believe this bleeds some of the sound back into the housing eliminating low end response.  This is an interesting design that I have never seen before.  The silver filters have no hole and produce the best overall sound for my taste.
    However sound filters from other IEMs with the same thread size/pitch can also be used.  Filters from the KZ brand, Model ED-9 fit nicely, and have a bigger inner diameter and are longer.
    The brass colored filters from the ED-9 give the Sendiy M2 a wider soundstage with greater dynamics vs. the stock silver filter; and is my preferred set up.
    Top to bottom: Sendiy black filters on the housing; silver filters; KZ ED-9 gold filters; and ED-9 brass filters.
    As these currently can be had for less than $30USD, would highly recommend them.  As noted, they are the best overall sounding single DD IEM I've heard to date, and are absolutely an incredible value.  Their ability to reproduce music cohesively and accurately are their strengths.  Lightweight and comfortable make these perfect for travel and long term listening.
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    2. anticute
      Nice review, and you seem to be hearing more or less exactly what I'm hearing from these. :)
      anticute, Apr 19, 2016
    3. fairx
      "rival the SQ of my FitEar TG334"
      now thats a BOLD statement. add another confirm statement and I'm tempted.. 
      fairx, Apr 20, 2016
    4. misteral201103
      Inspired by your review, I'm about to order a pair. I'll be interested to see how they compare to the Havi B3 Pro1 - just recently acquired and quite happy  with them but keen to see what else is out there (and can't justify the LZ A4s just now!). Thanks for the great review :)
      misteral201103, Dec 7, 2016