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Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit

  • This upgrade changes any Gungnir into Gungnir Multibit*–AKA an "Yggdrasil Junior."

    In actuality, it's a lot like Yggdrasil, using the same proprietary closed-form digital filter and precision multibit DACs. In this case, the DACs are AD5781BRUZ rather than Yggy's AD5791BRUZ, but there's still 4 of them for true hardware balancing, and they're followed by discrete JFET buffers for simplicity and excellent performance.

    For this upgrade, your Gungnir needs to have its motherboard firmware updated by us, or by an authorized service center such as Electromod in the UK. This requires a specific programming device with an RJ12 connector, as well as software. Because of this, there is no self-install option, sorry.


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