SanDisk Sansa View 16 GB Video MP3 Player (Black)

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Sansa 16GB Video MP3 Player

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Pros: Good value when it was released, good SQ (although not as good as the Fuze and Clip)
Cons: A bit flakey sometimes (especially with MicroSD cards), UI is not very good
I bought a 16GB Sansa View when the HDD on my Creative Zen Touch broke. I had to go from 40GB to 16GB, but the MicroSD card slot would let me add 16GB to reach a total of 32GB. At least that is what I thought. The original firmware on the View was lacking, so MicroSD card integration did not work very well. Instead I used a 4GB card and put movies on it and the 16GB of internal memory for music.
Besides the UI not being very good, the View is an okay MP3 player. Sound quality is overall pretty good. I found bass lacking a bit so I bought a Fiio E5 headphone amp and using that for some extra bass together with a LOD, it sounds quite good. Not as detailed as my Cowon S9, Kenwood HD20GA7 or JVC XA-HD500, but still perfectly good. For portable use in a noisy environment, the difference becomes very small.
While I would not recommend the View for someone looking for a new MP3 player today (it is still sold while the firmware has not been updated for 2 years), it might be a good back up or something for a collector.


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