SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) - Reviews
first of all i love the sound quality and the features of my Sandisk fuze. i has a fm radio,where you could record the show. It also has a equalizer with works fine.
I bought the Sandisk fuze in winter 2010. I used the fuze about 6 hours a week. within this time the navigation wheel broke. the wheel is very dirt sensitive and difficult to clean. But there are cases on the internet available for protecting it against dirt.
Within the warrenty i got a replacement, it was very fast and kind service. But I am bit conncerend about the fact that there are no replacement parts available for this player and if you havn't got any warrenty left you can throw your 80 dollar player away becource a cheap 2 dollar wheel.
In full sunlight i find it hard to read the display, but because of the easy navigation i can still use it instinctively
Also it's great that it has a slot for a micro SD card to increase the memory expansion.
And it's a shame that it doesn't use a universal plug for charging and tranfsering music files from your pc.
I don't know what i do wrong but when I just copy past the music onto the fuze it will make a bad readable filename. So when you navigate to your music in the fuze it will display folders like "3002000_drughouse" the numbers take half the screen so it's hard to identify the right folder
You can also install third party software on it, called rockbox. although i don't have any experience with this setup.