Sandisk Sansa Clip 8GB MP3 Player (Black)

General Information

The Sansa Clip MP3 player may be small enough to clip on your jeans or your shirt, but that doesn¿t mean it isn¿t loaded with all things awesome. It comes with a searchable screen, as well as an FM radio, voice recorder, and an insanely long battery life that will let you instantly enjoy more music and more play.

Latest reviews

Pros: When it works, lots of room, compact unit
Cons: Not built to last/Contacted them-they didn't care
I purchased the first unit and it lasted 9 months and they replaced it.  Then that unit lasted 7 months.  I called them up and they basically so-oh well, to bad.  Really?  You make a faulty unit that doesn't even last a year, and you tell a loyal customer-to bad?  Come on now.  Are you that big that you don't care about the product you put out.  I've learned.  Next time I'm buying a quality product from a quality manufacture.  I've learned my lesson from these guys.
My Clip has lasted everyday use for over 2 years and my other 3 Clip+ are doing fine being used by me and family members. I think you got unlucky.
My original Clip V2 has been abused and is going strong after 3 years of use. My refurbished Clip+ still runs well after a year. I did have a Sansa Fuze whose screen went dead after about a year. I think most electronics last me long enough till I upgrade (every 3-4 yrs). 2 of my countless number of mp3 players (another one is a Cowon D2 with dead screen) broke within less than 3 years, but I guess it happens by chance.
My Clip lasted over 3 years. When it was 3 years old and still working fine, I gave it away. I have been using a Clip+ for over two and a half years and it still works fine.
Your experience with having two Clip players each breaking within a year is not typical. I have no idea if you were just unlucky, or if you are putting excessive stress on your players.


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