Samsung I9000 8 GB Galaxy S GSM Smartphone

General Information

The Samsung i9000 Galaxy S is packed with so much stuff, you'll always find something new to play with. Smart Alarm: With its gradual volume-increasing alarm, gently awaking you from a satisfying sleep, and giving you a natural transition to your morning. Daily Briefing: Before your day begins, GALAXY S's Daily Brief delivers exactly what matters to you, right to your phone's home screen - today's top headlines, stock info, weather forecast. Integrated Calendar: With GALAXY S and its Integrated Calendar, your schedules, agendas, calendars, to-do lists, regardless of their sources, are auto-synced, and organized into a single, color-coded, neat-and-tidy application. Layar Reality Browser: Samsung ARound Me, reveals your surroundings no matter where you may be - coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, etc. Simply snap a photo, and GALAXY S tells you what's next, behind, and in front including addresses, phone numbers, everything you need to know. With a bigger database of POIs (point-of-interest), you have access to better, more extensive data so you're fully aware of what's around. HD Recording: With HD Recording capability available whenever needed, you can catch memorable moments all-day long. 4.0-inch SUPER AMOLED: With the GALAXY S, you have the world's only SUPER AMOLED screen - 4.0 inches of vibrant, vivid, ultra-bright display technology for HD recording and HD video playback. With superior sunlight readability, you high-def contents are just as easily viewed outdoors, for seamless transition from inside to outside or visa versa. SWYPE /Write & Go: With new Swype type touch-screen innovation from Samsung, swiftly connect the letters of the message without the need to lift a finger as with traditional touch-screen keypads. Any MS Office document including Word, Excel and Powerpoint can be viewed, edited, and saved. You can even view PDF files in their native formats.


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