Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone, Blue 16GB (AT&T)

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Pros: excellent screen display, perfect for multi-tasking, great processor speeds
Cons: Cheap battery & dies to quick, can't send video & music via MMS
I love my Samsung Galaxy S3! When I first got it fresh out the box from AT&T I couldn't stop playing with it! After about a week after I purchased it I noticed the battery life sucks! I listen to music on it for maybe 2 hours a day & play games for also 2 hours a day, along with my texting (maybe 20-30 text a day) & calls (around 1-1&half hours a day) I would wake up at 6:30am with a full battery & around 2-3pm my phone would beep letting me know there's only 15% battery life. I charged it back up & it would be back at 15% by7-8pm, so I looked on Amazon for a new battery, I have an Otter Box for my phone, which are excellent by the way (never have to worry about scratching or break your phone, NEVER! ) so i looked a& there's not a lot of choice's on standard battery, there's a good selection of extended batteries with back covers included but my Otter Box wouldn't fit so I was stuck getting a standard battery. I came across the only extended standard battery out right now, it has 2850mah, so I ordered it. When it came I was sceptical because there was no name brand,  just a gold wrapping with 2850mah on it. I replaced my old battery with the new one & it came half charged which was a plus! With my new battery I can get up at 6:30am & won't hear my phone beep until 6-7pm! The battery is excellent for the Galaxy S3 also works with the Galaxy S2! A big problem I incountered was sending MMS' s, I can't send videos or music to anyone! Which sucks! BIG TIME! I tried everything possible to fix this problem, I even tried send a 3 second video STILL DON'T WORK! There's apps that will fix it, for a price of course! Other then the standard battery sucking and not being able to send videos & music via MMS, it a dam good phone, love the screen display & being able to multi-task, I can listen to music all while browsing the internet even with 3-5 pages going and its still super fast, doesn't slow down, freeze or piss you off, LOL.  Over all I'd have to say the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a excellent phone & best phone for it's era! It's also better then the I-Phone 5 (To me anyway)
If you want a higher capacity battery and keep your otterbox, you *might* be able to get a battery that's even thicker and use the phone without the back battery cover. I've done that before when I had my Galaxy Nexus with an extended battery and an otterbox case. I believe your NFC chip is also in your battery, so you probably lost that when you switched to the generic battery.
I do not know if you have experienced it but I heard a buzzing sound when connected my Shure se 535 to my galaxy SIII. Just wanted to warn you that the phone might not be the best mp3 player to go with :p


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