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Samsung AKG OEM In Ear Headphones

  1. fjhuerta
    Stellar OEM in-ears... probably the best
    Written by fjhuerta
    Published May 19, 2019
    Pros - Sound quality
    Cons - Not as full sounding as they could be
    A bit tiresome in the long run
    Cheap looking and feeling
    Not expensive at all, so people tend to ignore them.
    For a bundled OEM headphone, I can't help but shake my head and wonder how much I've enjoyed them.

    I actually prefer them, to the Triple and Quad drivers from 1More. They fall short only of my Dunu-1000s and Master and Dynamic earbuds, and very short of my AKG N20 - BUT for what they are, they are really impressive.

    Detailed, articulate and airy. Nicely balanced, although not as full sounding as they could be, perhaps. They are also too bright at times for me, but I prefer that to the alternative.

    I have right in front of me the Galaxy Buds (2019) and laugh at how I thought they would be so much better if they had the sound quality of the AKG OEMs. The Buds are $130. The AKG OEMs are free. Do the math.

    Good one, Samsung.
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  2. SweetEars
    Impressive for Bundled Earphones....
    Written by SweetEars
    Published Jun 17, 2018
    Pros - Airy, detailed fluid silky treble and mids..
    clear and wide soundstage ....
    Present bass
    Cons - Sound lack slightly in body and fullness....
    Bass may lack detail

    Review of The Samsung AKG tuned earbuds which comes free with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 smartphones.

    Testing is done with the large bore tips of the TRN V20 earbuds .A general description of these earbuds sound signature can be described as follows :

    Woolly - Loose sound articulation.
    Wet - A reverberant sound, something with decay. Opposite of Dry.
    Timbre - The tonal character of an instrument
    Soundstage - The area between two speakers that appears to the listener to be occupied by sonic images. Like a real stage, a soundstage should have width, depth, and height.

    Spacious - Conveying a sense of space, ambiance, or room around the instruments; stereo reverb; early reflections.
    Naturalness - Realism.
    Musical (or musicality) - A sense of cohesion and subjective "rightness" in the sound.
    Low Midrange (Low Mids) - The audio frequencies between about 250Hz and 2000Hz.
    Imaging - The sense that a voice or instrument is in a particular place in the room.
    Headstage - The perception of the Soundstage while listening to headphones.
    Grip - A sense of control and sturdiness in the bass.
    Fast - Good reproduction of rapid transients which increase the sense of realism and "snap".
    Dynamic - The suggestion of energy and wide dynamic. Related to perceived speed as well as contrasts in volume both large and small.
    Depth - A sense of distance (near to far) of different instruments.

    Detail - The most delicate elements of the original sound and those which are the first to disappear with lesser equipment.
    Definition (or resolution) - The ability of a component to reveal the subtle information that is fundamental to high fidelity sound.
    Brilliance - The 6kHz to 16kHz range controls the brilliance and clarity of sounds.
    Breathy - Audible breath sounds in woodwinds and reeds such as flute or sax. Good response in the upper mids or highs.

    Attack (2) - The time taken for a musical note to reach its peak amplitude eg. notes will tend to sound more defined rather than blended with other notes.
    Articulate - Intelligibility of voice(s) and instruments and the interactions between them.
    Ambience - Impression of an acoustic space, such as the performing hall in which a recording was made.
    Airy - Spacious. Open. Instruments sound like they are surrounded by a large reflective space full of air. Good reproduction of high frequency reflections. High frequency response extends to 15 or 20 kHz.

    Sound signature
    : These earphones do not have a weighty sound signature or basshead type, they emphasise more on individual tonality and timbre of sounds with transparency and clarity.The mids and highs are nicely sparkly, natural, and accurate . Bass is rendered but not in copius amount , but just a bit backstage in the mix . The overall result is a brigh but silky signature, never fatiguing, but with a more top-end energy .

    Treble: Airy and detailed. In between sparkle and grainy-crisp signature. subtle details on clear recordings are present .Not harsh or sibilant but it is not smooth either, A rough gritty/grainy texture is present that adds some naturalism to the sound reproduced.Fluid and watery. Silky, engaging smooth but detailed and clear.

    Mids: Forward and wide, sharp Transparent and a decent amount of detail is present.Concentrated on the lower mids and higher mids have a bright sound. Comes off with a lower centre of mids espcially in vocals. However the vovals lack some detail and fullness. Overall the mids come off as airy and silky just like the treble . However the vocals do well with some depth and articulation betwene highs and lows on clear sources.

    Bass: A decent amount of bass that is neither full nor bloated but transparent. Tight and expressive but doesn’t have a hard “edge” to it. It has good impact and some far-reaching rumble. Neiether forward nor recessed but expanding sideways Just right but at the back of the sound signature . Boom is present in recordings that have emphasised bass . A good amount of sub bass is present with a good grip around the lower mids but overall the bass is emphasised more in the mid bass-sub bass in between- section but comes across as loose with some lack in defintion and detail. However not a major flaw as the other aspects of the sound signature comes off really well

    Soundstage: the most impressive part of these earphones . They present a surprisingly wide and airy transparent soundstage with clarity and depth. Spacious and detailed. The highs mids and lows float in a wide soundstage presented all around the head.

    Overall they provide an impressive sound signature for free bundled In-ears.
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    1. NickIst
      With some recordings they don't seem to have enough bass, unfortunately. In music produced before 90 that can be resolved with an increased pre-amp. Sometimes at the begging they sounded very harsh, e.g. in Venom - Cast in Stone, because of his strong rust sounding, later I got used to it, but still they don't suit completely to such type of music, also I caught sibilance a couple of times when a vocalist pronounced "s". However I agree with the most of the written.
      Comment updated 25/12/2018
      NickIst, Oct 24, 2018
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    2. SweetEars
      for free earphones they do reasonably well...and have certain things that remind u of higher priced IEMS
      SweetEars, Dec 14, 2018