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S.M.S.L SP200 THX 888 Amp

  1. Wretched Stare
    A truly Amazing Little Amp
    Written by Wretched Stare
    Published Nov 7, 2019
    The Box contains the Amplifier and power cable and manuals.

    The first contact with the SP200 was wow this is the perfect size for my desktop setup and yet has a nice weight to it making it look and feel very well made.

    Switches on the front are very convenient as some of my past ones were on the back and limited where it could be placed.This is also the first THX reference quality amplifier with a built in AC power supply, making it easy to place as well.

    Surprising that after having the Magni, Spark, Atom and Aune this would end up being my favorite Desktop Amp!
    Very clean sound, amazing low distortion and powerful enough to drive my Fostex TR-90 250 ohm and Fostex T50RP and sound fantastic with little to no effort , mostly meaning the high gain was not necessary.

    More importantly it drove the delicate IEMs and lower impedance headphones without any problems I've had in the past. After a very long session the Amp just was surprisingly just mildly warm yet another plus over some of the others that got very hot.

    All the measurement can be found online the specs are listed in the description of the Item.

    I tested these with everything I had on a nonstop and the best part of audio equipment is when they seamlessly integrate into your setup with nothing to do but enjoy the music and this Amp is definitely hassle free as it easily drives everything with no problem. just plug it in and enjoy.
    My thanks to Apos audio for the review sample for testing.
    20191104_113008.jpg 20191104_110707.jpg 20191104_110724.jpg



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