Rudistor RP1000

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Quad Mono topology: Four mono Class-A single ended amplifiers, two on each channel working in opposed phase to get a full balanced output, or bridged for the single ended output in unbalanced operation

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Pros: 2 volume knobs
Cons: A bit expensive and the paint was coming of the faceplates on the top
This thing was good
although I don't think I'll be using it much because of my B.H.S.E. The 2 volume knobs are an extra as well because what is someone's slightly deaf in one ear. It's fun to play with anyway. Oh yeah and there are these little screens inside of it to adjust the tube bias or something I think it's for. Maybe how much life is left in them or something
. I never actually played with the screens or the buttons anyway.
PS: Why I paid so much for mine is because when I bought it the Aussie dollar had a really low value.
12K bucks and that's all you have to say about it?
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
If you were closer I'd invite you over so you could listen to it and write a review ;o). Anyway the only thing I've got to compare it to is the B.H.S.E. Doing that I would also be comparing the HD-800's to the SR-009's. I would then be comparing my dynamic setup to my electrostatic setup. So far I think it's all a matter of opinion like open vs closed. Someone might just prefer the sound of a dynamic setup to an electrostatic one because they're 2 totally different sounds. Which is the sound for you? That's for you to decide. Anyway maybe I'll go back to the RP-1000 sometime in the not too distant future and write a review (vs X-Can V3). I could then also hear sounds that I can't hear through my electrostatic setup... Surprising but true :xf_eek:(.
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
About hearing sounds via this that I can't hear through my electrostatic setup that's all not true anymore because I listened to it (EP15A + Linn Genki + B.H.S.E + SR-009) today and all of the sounds that weren't there (or were almost non existent, too low in volume) when I listened to it the other day are now there. So then it seems as if I no longer have any use for my RP1000 MK2 except of course if I want to listen to my HD800 or any other dynamic headphone. But then again why would I want to now that I have the SR-009? It's about time I do a shootout between my HD800 and the SR-009.


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