Roland RH-200 Monitor Headphones

Average User Rating:
  1. IEMagnet01
    "A solid all-arounder that doesn't offend, but doesn't wow"
    Pros - strong articulate bass, detailed, treble presence
    Cons - recessed mids, fit can be cumbersome, coil cord
    I got these on a pawn shop deal, and wanted some cheap headphones that could deliver for what I was looking for. An all-arounder that provided clarity, good bass, nice treble, and handled all genres of music. Since these normally retail from anywhere between $100-180, I gave them a try, and I like them. The laid back, v-shaped signature is what I was looking for. The mids are slightly recessed, but still manage to push through when needed. It's noticeable but tolerable. Sennheiser HD800, T1's, or hell, even my old JVC DX3's were better technically and soundstage wise, but there are fun and fun is what I wanted, so the Roland RH-200 does the job. They are comfy, but the fit can be cumbersome because they are a bit heavy, so for long periods of listening it might get a bit much if you're not laying down, but the fabric cups are so soft and comfy and lie nicely over the ears. The RH-200 employ 40mm drivers, neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils,  so they are powerful enough to deliver some really nice crystal clear details, so for the price, these are more than serviceable. They are excellent all-arounders that compete well with JVC, Audio Technica, and Sony at the price range.