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Rockit Sounds R-Studio

  • Acoustic Performance Circum-Aural Dynamic Headphones
    Combination of hi-grade alloy and leatherette
    A true audiophile product

Recent Reviews

  1. Zelda
    Rock-It Sounds R-Studio – 2nd Strike!
    Written by Zelda
    Published Oct 18, 2013
    Pros - Build Quality, Comfort, Price and SOUND
    full review can be found here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/685909/review-rock-it-sounds-r-studio
    Build & Comfort:
    The R-Studio take a Circum-Aural design, with a "neo-classic" look as Rock-It call them. They do have some "retro" air on them along with the usual company color scheme. But not everything is looks, right? Not a huge step as it's still made mostly of plastic; the build quality feels better than the Lite. The leatherette covered headband and pads are well stuffed inside, super comfortable and provide an instant seal around the ears for best listening experience. Among the three, the R-Studio are the most comfortable ones and better isolating, even though they aren't as portable, as they don't feature a rotating/folding mechanism, it's only possible to adjust them up or down.
    The one sided removable cable is quite thick and well relieved.
    "Balance". That’s the first word that comes to mind when listening to the R-Studio. They offer an exquisite and rich balance. Fairly fun and musical, and good dynamics. Everything is there in a right amount, everything sounds full and well separated. Not a huge stage, though, but considering the 'closed' design is above average.
    The overall speed should match most genres of music. The soundstage has good width and good depth, without losing the vocals position.
    Bass quantity is a bit more than the R-Lite, but still not to be called bass-heavy (but won't disappoint on bassier tracks). It's much tighter, bigger and faster, and better extended. Sub-bass reaches deeper and shows much more rumble and control.
    The midrange remains clear and clean of any bass-bleed. While slightly forward it is still on the neutral side with a hint of sweetness (but drier when compared to the Lite or other mid-centered phones). Very nice layered with a good sense of space. Vocals carry a beautiful texture with them, clear and detailed, be it male or female.
    Treble, similar to the Bass, has excellent presence and extends quite far. It has quite the energy and sparkle, and while not really sibilant it may be a tad edgy at times. Quantity is more than enough and micro-detail is amazing for the price (even though it can't match its "twin" brother, the R-DJ, hyper detail - but that's another story).
    The Studio use a same type of dynamic driver as the R-Lite, and in fact, they do share a familiar sound, and could be seen as an improved/updated, 'mature' and more refined version of them in certain ways. They do need some extra volume though, but remain very sensitive and easy to drive.
  2. pro1137
    Overperforming warm beauties!
    Written by pro1137
    Published Oct 6, 2013
    Pros - MASSIVE soundstage for a closed headphone, detailed, controlled, warm, comfortable, appearance
    Cons - Bass can get boomy on a few tracks (orchestral mainly)
    The Rockit R-Studio headphones are among the best headphones that I've used under $100. I see an extremely high amount of potential in these headphones.

    The R-Studio is made of mostly plastic with a matte finish. The sides that hold the cups are made out of aluminum alloy, which does feel very sturdy. The 'back' of the cups, where the Rockit Logo is, is covered with pleather. The headband is quite plush. Very nice to the touch. The R-Studio features a standard 3.5 to 3.5 detachable cable.
    The earspace is immense. Easily the second largest amount of space my ears have ever had while wearing a headphone, seconded only to the DT770. This equates to a high amount of comfort.


    Sound is overall warm, lush, bassy, and spacey. Why Rockit decided to call it 'Studio', I'm not sure. These are definitely NOT reference headphones. 

    Bass - Bass lovers rejoice! The bass on these headphone is sure to satisfy. There's a lot of warmth to the overall signature. It can get boomy on some tracks, though. I only really notice it on orchestral music, though. With rock, electronic, jazz, or anything else other than orchestral, the bass is controlled and not boomy. I personally find these headphones' bass to work best with rock and jazz.

    Mids - The mids are simply incredible. Without a doubt, the best sounding midrange in a sub-$100 headphone that I've ever heard. The mids are sweet and full. I'm not sure if I can truly express how much I love the mids on these using words. 

    Treble - The treble is my only real complaint with these headphones. The treble itself isn't bad, but compared to the other parts of the headphone's sound, it falls short. I'm not sure if that's really worthy of a complaint, honestly. The treble is still very good considering the cost. It's decently extended, detailed, and accurate. It's a bit dark though, and can be overpowered by the bass and mids on occasion. Once again, though, I mainly notice that happening on orchestral music only. 

    Soundstage - For a closed-back headphone, the soundstage on these is HUGE. I'm sure that's attributed to the large cups, though. Depth and width are incredible! Everything sounds perfectly positioned and lively. 

    Overall - The R-Studio is a big winner here. I would highly recommend these headphones to anyone that enjoys some warmth in their music. Excellent value. Excellent headphones.


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