Rockit Sounds R-50

  1. foolsgold1986
    Hello Sexy
    Written by foolsgold1986
    Published Oct 22, 2012
    Pros - Mids, Highs, Lows evenly balanced and sounding great
    Cons - Not the coolest to look at
    I just got these and so far these are an exceptional pair of in ear headphone.  I would not say they are aestetically beautiful but who cares when you put them on it is something great.  I will update the longer I have them but right now very happy.
    I have owned these for a long time now.  The quality of sound production holds up.  For me oem are just supposed to be fun.  These pull that off amazingly.  I put some memory foam tips which improved the comfort.  I am very happy with my purchase.  Sadly, I work outside twice a week at my job and I was hit by a storm which I ended up being drenched.  Hopefully, my r-50s survived being drenched.  If they don't I am pretty sure I will buy them again.
    1. nagrive
      Glad to hear that! Look forward to the full review..
      nagrive, Oct 23, 2012
  2. Alberto01
    Techno Kid was right about these being good!
    Written by Alberto01
    Published Aug 17, 2012
    Pros - Bass, mids, treble and soundstage are of very good quality.
    Cons - Bass quantity is small for those who like a lot of bass.
    Here is my review on the audio quality of the Rockit Sounds R-50.


    Besides the headphones/IEMs, from my experience audio quality is also affected by the following conditions, which I list in order of impact:

    1) Equalization.  This is a must for me with enough equalizer bands to be able to tailor the sound to what my ears desire.  31 bands or more is the ideal.  So, PMPs with 5 or 7 EQ bands do not qualify for me.

    2) Quality of recording.  This is also a must, in order to have a good audio quality.  Nowadays there should be no CDs with low audio quality, but they still exist and there is not much that I can do about this.

    3) Amplification.  Not for louder sound, but for richer sound.  Sound is richer with an amplifier not only with headphones, but also with IEMs.

    My audio setup consists of the following:

    1) My desktop PC using foobar2000.  This program has an 18 band equalizer and an added 31 band equalizer plugin that has exactly the same frequencies that are included in analog equalizers used for live sound.  This renders a total of 49 bands.  If I only count once the bands that are present (repeated) in both EQs, there is a total of 45 bands available to tailor the sound, ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. (20 kHz).

    2) WAV lossless tracks.
    3) E-MU 0202 USB audio interface (24-bit/192 kHz DAC) with Kernel Streaming drivers.

    Sound Preference

    I like a lot of bass with more deep bass than mid bass.  I thirst (or hunger?) for bass rumble (subwoofer type) and bass punch.  At the same time, bass spilling over the middle and high frequencies (muddy sound) making them muffled or veiled is unacceptable, even in small amounts.  Mids that are neither forward, nor recessed are the best for me.  Boxy (cave like, coming from a bottle) sounding mids, are unacceptable.  There is a minimum of mids sharpness (like in a TV screen sharpness) or detail that my ears ask for.  After that level, more detail is good but it does not add much value to the sound experience.  A good treble decay is appreciated by my ears.  The bigger the soundstage, the better the sound.

    SOUND OF THE R-50.

    I equalize my R-50 with what looks like a cup cake equalization.  The mid frequencies are flat (from 200 Hz to 3.15 kHz).  The bass frequencies are raised with a constant upward slope (upward straight line) starting at 160 Hz down to 20 Hz. The high frequencies are also raised with a constant upward slope (upward straight line) starting at 3.5 kHz up to 20 kHz.  How does this sound to my ears?

    1)  BASS

    The good:  Even though they are not overabundant, there is a good amount of both deep bass and mid bass and their quality is excellent.  The bass that is there is just exquisite.  The bass placement is excellent with a perfect balance between deep bass and mid bass.

    The not so good:  No subwoofer bass here.  Bass going deeper in the frequency spectrum would be an improvement.  Extending the bass (not moving it, but expanding it) to the left (deeper bass) in the frequency spectrum and making the mid bass a little more responsive when asked for by the equalizer, would be a nice improvemet.

    Bass enjoyment rating:  8.0 out of 10.

    2)  MIDS

    The good:  Mids placement is perfect.  They are neither forward, nor recessed.  The tonality is also perfect.  They sound airy and natural.  Mids sharpness (like in a TV picture sharpness) or detail, is excellent.

    The not so good:  With many recordings, the middle frequencies lack a little body; that is, the notes lean toward being thin on the lower middle frequencies.  This is due to the limited amount of bass.  But, I address this issue here because the effect is heard in the middle frequencies.

    Mids enjoyment rating: 9.4 out of 10.

    3)  TREBLE

    The good:  There is a large amount of treble.  This is especially important with tracks that do not have a good amount of treble from their recording.  Treble is perfectly placed, is fluid and sounds natural.  The treble frequencies that cause fatigue and make the treble sound piercing (<6 kHz) when there is an abundance of them, are restrained to just the right amount as compared to those frequencies (around 10 kHz) that make the treble sweet.

    The not so good:  If treble decay (ssssshhhh) were a little longer, the treble would be perfect.

    Treble enjoyment rating:  9.7 out of 10.


    The good:  Imaging is very good and coherent.  Nothing sounds out of place, like too forward or too recessed, or too far to the right or the left.  Separation is also very good with no part of the sound rubbing against any other part of the sound.  Soundstage is excellent with an appreciable sense of width, height and depth.

    The not so good:  My ears ask if there could be a greater sense of spaciousness from the R-50.  They do not let me tell them that these are IEMs and not headphones, and that is too much to ask from IEMs.

    Imaging, separation and soundstage enjoyment rating:  9.5 out of 10.

    5)  OVERALL ENJOYMENT:  Let’s add all the ratings so far and divide by the number of them to get the overall enjoyment.  That would be (8.0+9.4+9.7+9.5)/4 = 9.15

    6)  COMPLEMENTARY REMARKS:  The large amount of good quality treble and the easily attainable good sound quality on the R-50 (with just a cup cake equalization), allow for these IEMs to sound acceptable with recordings that have sound quality flaws in the treble and mid range frequencies.  This should also make them work well with sources that have a limited amount of equalization capacity, such as PMPs or cell phones.
    My R-50 sound quality is noticeably improved with amplification.  Still, amplification has a greater impact on sound quality with other more bass capable headphones/IEMs.

    Music with electronic drum machines (EDM), such as trance and the like, doesn't give me a satisfactory bass impact through the R-50.  Their bass impact is far below from what I want when listening to EDM music.  For everything else, the R-50 are top performers!
    When you come from IEMs that have a fuller sound or a bigger sound room than the R-50, you feel like the sound of the R-50 is underdeveloped.  It is like driving a four wheel drive vehicle with a 4.0 liter engine and switching to a smaller car with a 1.6 liter engine.  At first, there is the feeling that the smaller car has a weak engine.  After some time driving it, then the driver gets used to the smaller engine power and realizes that it is more than enough to make the smaller car accelerate quickly and develop good speed.  That happens to me all the time when using a bass heavy IEM that has a bigger sound room and switching to the R-50.  The sound is really disappointing right after switching IEMs.  It stays like that for about one hour.  After then, my ears get used to it and the high quality of the R-50's sound is felt and greatly enjoyed.
    If someone is wondering if my sound setup could make any headphones/IEMs sound good to me, other headphones overall ratings would make things clear on that matter.  Here they are:
    GRADO SR80: 8.5; Technics RP-DH1200: 7.3; Philips SHE9500: 7.3.
    Over the ear IEMs will never be as comfortable as straight down style IEMs.  Fortunately, the R-50 can be worn in a straight down position.  To do so effectively and comfortably, I wear the right earphone on my left ear and the left earphone on my right ear.  This way, the earphone-ear ergonomics work as intended by the designer(s).
    UPDATE (December 1, 2012):  Beware of the fact that the R-50 do not have enough bass, for bass lovers.  I am one of them, and the R-50 are like dessert to me.  I can only eat so much of it, but I want some of it.
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    2. Alberto01
      You got me thinking about doing that. What happens with me is that all headphones/IEMs sound dull to me without equalization. I do not enjoy listening to anything without at least pumping up the lowest frequencies and the highest frequencies. If the middle frequencies are recessed, then I would also have to raise those (from 500 Hz to 2.5 Hz, with a peak of around +2.5 dB at 1-1.2 kHz), so that the mids won't stay behind (i.e. ATH-CKS77). I do not listen through PMPs because they do not have enough EQ bands for me. Still, I tried the R-50 with my cellphone and the 5 band equalizer made a big difference in how they sounded.
      Beware of the fact that if the headphones have no good bass capacity, the EQ will not produce the rich bass that I want. The same goes for the mids and the treble.
      If you are interested in the R-50 and you want me to run an specific test for you, just let me know. I will be happy do my best in meeting the test conditions and report the results back to you.
      Alberto01, Aug 18, 2012
    3. ThickT
      I don't think its right to give something a glowing review based on its performance through a lot of high end additional equipment. A friggin EarPod prolly sounds like heaven through all that stuff you had hooked up. I could see something simple like an e11 or something, but geeze. I guess what's the point in spending all that money on those things if you cant use them in every evaluation of budget earphones you can, right?
      ThickT, Dec 17, 2013
    4. Alberto01
      HA, HA.  You are totally right.  But, my ears are hard to keep happy.  That makes up for all the sound improvements that I get with my setup.  Looking into it for the R-50, I removed the amplifier from the audio line, because the R-50 were sounding better without it.  That leaves us with 24/96 tracks and the 45 band EQ.  The EQ is what makes the most difference here.  I would take a portable player with 320 kbps MP3 files if it had 31+ EQ bands any day to keep my ears happy.
      Specifically, the R-50 do not require demanding adjustments in equalization other than increasing the lows and highs with a cup cake looking equalization.  Mids stay flat.  That makes them easy to equalize using fewer EQ bands, such as 10.
      Alberto01, Dec 26, 2013
  3. Prashanth R
    An exquisite sound.
    Written by Prashanth R
    Published Jun 29, 2012
    Pros - Soundstage, Presentation, Micro details, Treble, detailsin and speed of Bass, aaaaaand PRICE
    Cons - Included "Accessories"

    Shopping experience:
    I got it from Rockit sounds website. Payment was through Paypal. There were no shipping charges to India, so all I spent from my wallet was 120$. It was sent through Hong Kong mail. I got the IEM on the 7th day. Yumi from Rockit sounds was in constant touch through Email. He (She?) sent me an Email when they shipped the product (which was well within 24 hours of ordering), and responded promptly to my queries. It was all smooth and easy.
    First  impressions/packaging:
    So a week after ordering the Rockit sounds R-50, I get this parcel, from Yumi. I rip it open, smell the inside of the parcel, open the box, pull out the phones, and my first impression is: “What the.. I’ve been conned!” The packaging is OK, nothing to boast about, doesn’t pamper you, minimalistic, but the phones are puny.. On first look, they look really cheap! I admit, I was a lil worried..
    Cable and build, design:
    One of the first things I did was to rip off that ghastly silicone/rubber thing off the IEM housing… dunno what its purpose is, comfort I guess, but they really degrade the look of these IEMs. The cable, though braided, is one of the thinnest I’ve come across, on IEMs costing 25 bucks and above. But again, I’ve neither had DBA-02 nor B2, and on close inspection of their snapshots, I guess they’re that thin too. But I do plan a recable soon, for something more durable. The wires also get tangled occasionally, they have a little stretch in them. But there is a chord slider, so tangling is minimum. The IEMs themselves, are tiny .You’d get a good idea of this in the photographs, when comparing the size of the IEMs with the tips. And, the nozzle is long. I like this very much, cause it gives scope for deep insertion. That in turn, almost certainly guarantees seal and bass. The strain reliefs are built well at the Y split and the jack. I wish there was a L jack though, it’s so much more durable. In case of any pull, the cable is going to snap first. I dint notice any strain reliefs on the housings, though the memory wire (which I think is just a copper wire) entering the IEMs does a really good job. The memory wire is of good quality, and serves the purpose well. I Twisted and turned the wires a lot during my tip experimentation and when I removed that rubber thingee. The strain reliefs were subjected to a lot of stress too, then. And still the iems stood up well. So yeah, build quality is average.
     I put them on , using the large tips, and nothing.. no seal what so ever. The included tips are crap, believe me. You get this kinda tips with 10$ earphones. The tips just slide over the nozzle, and does not do any help for deep insertion, which I hold as essential to get the best of these phones. I had to make my own tips, using the vsonic large tips, S-400 and the stock small tips.  The included case is the same ones you get with soundmagic PL30, but mine is a little crushed, and the zipper is faulty. I brought out my sunrise case (which happens to be my favorite :) ) and am using them ever since. Hence, I give zero marks for the included “accessories”. And yeah, there was an included shirt clip.
    Tip dependant. But with the right tips, the isolation is very good (Better than the GR07).The housing is completely closed, with no vents. And it has long nozzles too(with 2mm openings). I like to listen to music when I’m out for a walk, and the traffic sounds were completely blocked out by the R50 and Bass was completely audible too. Keep your eyes skinned if you use these on the road. These are suitable for the bus and the tube too.
    Source: Cowon I audio9 (unamped) Volume:35, EQ:normal
    For the most part, I shall be comparing the R50 with Vsonic GR07.
    Sound signature
    It lays bang at the centroid of an equilateral triangle, whose 3 points are Warm-sweet, balanced and analytical respectively. Difficult to categorize. It doesnt wear you down, or induce fatigue during long listening sessions. The GR07 sounds warmer than these.
    3-D, cohesive, immersive. The width is more or less the same size as GR07, which is above average, but it’s the depth, layers and height that makes it stand apart. You hear some instruments behind your head and the vocals in front you. The vocals are not forward though. They are slightly recessed. Imaging is really good, so good, that I automatically want to close my eyes, and immerse myself, and it’s a long time since I’ve done that. The instrument separation is better than the GR07. The presentation is spacious, cohesive,3-D and addictive.  
    Details…Details…Details.. So much of them.. It feels like you’ve got a whole new playlist. I particularly like how you can catch on to one of the instruments and follow it without any trouble at all. I guess it has something to do with the speed of the TWFK drivers. Details in the cymbals particularly, are laid out in front of you for examination. It brings out all the flaws in a recording. Every tiny nuance is presented effortlessly. Full marks here!
    Simply put, it is the best I’ve heard. Extends well, and importantly, is not sibilant. But if the recording is sibilant, it shows up. Good news is that it’s not offensive. It does not have any scary spikes. It also twinkles and sparkles pleasantly when called for, particularly in guitar harmonics (Antoine dufour: These moments, reality), harp, tiny bells, musical box (Nutcracker-sugar plum fairy). The details in the cymbals are impeccable, I found myself surprised more than once, in many familiar tracks. It is also very easy to follow the cymbals and hear them decay.  
    Slightly recessed, Cannot really be called “sweet”. It is detailed. Especially with classical music. Strings float smoothly in front of you. Timbre is remarkable, you get a natural feel of the instruments. The speed shows you all the tiny little shakes quakes and breath intakes in the vocals. The R50 does not smooth over recording sibilance in vocals (Eg: Katie Melua tracks).This although is not offensive.
    Fast, detailed. The decay is very low, so it brings out a lot of details in the bass. No discernable Mid-bass hump, no bleed of bass into mids. The quantity is lower than the GR07, but the quality is better. The quantity is such that it is in par with the mids and highs. It comes out when asked for, though. It loses a hair of extension(does it? Im not very sure!!),  just a tiny bit, at the sub-bass. Personally, I found it more enjoyable than the GR07. Speed is its biggest strength. Double bass kicks are clearly audible and discernable. There’s a decent amount of impact, and it also creates a good “environment”. There is also a fair amount of punch and body. And the good isolation helps a lot, along with the BA drivers, which eliminate any kind of driver flex. All the aforementioned qualities improve significantly with the fiio-e11     
    Preferred volume/Amping
    35 on my cowon I audio 9, 70% on Ipod classic brings out the best in R50. It is a low volume iem. I find that it synergizes well with both I-pod HO and the cowon(Boy that was a surprise). Although, I find myself slightly preferring the Cowon.It does not need any amping. It also responds well to EQ.
    Fiio E11 Juices up this IEM, and brings out it's best. The sound becomes significantly stronger and gains more authority. And the Bass boost of the e-11 is wonderful with the perfect amount, and resisting any temptation to bleed into the mids.However, the bass boost does not extend to the sub-bass.Soundstage widens, and the presentation becomes more immersive.There is a tiny loss of detail in the lower treble.
    I would unhesitatingly pay up 250$ for this sound. But they retail @120 $.(what wud we do if not for china!) Although, remember that you most certainly will have to purchase new tips. Some might even consider a recable. But still, these are giant killers. These are the only IEMs with which I could just close my eyes and immerse myself into the music, without getting distracted by the shortcomings of the gear. 120$ is a ridiculously low price for that.
    1. TheAstray
      Hi! Can you please compare the r-50 with the Hifiman re-400(if you have experience with it). Thanks :) 
      TheAstray, May 25, 2014
  4. Techno Kid
    One of the best bang for buck IEM's I've heard
    Written by Techno Kid
    Published Apr 18, 2012
    Pros - very detailed, smooth, large soundstage, comfortable fit, good isolation
    Cons - not a lot of accessories
    Price - $119.99
    Driver Unit - Knowles TWFK dual BA
    Impedance - 31ohms, 110dB @ 1kHz
    Frequency Response - 20Hz - 20kHz
    Accessories - Now they don't have one of the most accessory packed sets really its quite small.  You get 3 sets of S,M,L tips which might present some people to have fit issues but for me the stocks ones that were on them work great.  You also get a nice little round case and a airline adapter, so theres not much to talk about here.
    Build Quality - I think the build quality is pretty good for a small company.  The IEM housing seem built well and the rubber thats over it seem like it would protect it from cracking or braking.  I really like the braided cord and its has a small amount of stretch to it though it can get tangled from time to time but its not to bad.  The Y connection imo is one of the best I've come across as its very forgiving and has a strain relief on both ends.  I wish they had a L shaped jack but the straight one the use is still very good and for $119.99 I'm not complaining.
    Fit - As for the fit they're very good, easy to put in and I get a good seal with the stock tips (made with non-allergic silicone).  Comfort is A+ I don't feel them after a few mins and the memory wire they use its much better then say the TF10's.  Another effect from the rubber around the housing is that it adds to the comfort so you don't have the hard plastic in your ear.
    Sound - Now for the really reason you by IEM's, the sound (at least for me it is).  
    Treble - The R-50 has some of the best all around highs I've heard from IEM's.  What I mean by that is they have wonderful detail and extend as good as any of my other IEM's but they're still very smooth and non fatiguing.  They can be bright when the track calls for it but they still retain that smooth over all feel.  Compared to the treble on my PFE 112 the R-50 has the same amount of micro detail but on tracks that have bright treble it doesn't get sibilant like the PFE can.  
    Mids - The mids are very clear and also have great detail.  They're not really forward or even a little recessed but centered perfectly and vocal sound where they should while being crystal clear and they sound very natural.  For music like edm they mid range melodies and synths sound very good as well.  Now comparing the R-50's mids to some of my mid centric like the SE425 or e-Q7 they have all the detail but you can hear everything else very clearly and not being dominated by the mids like mid-centrics can do. 
    Bass - As for the bass this is one of my favorite parts (along with soundstage).  For a BA and quite a small one at that the bass has a good amount of punch for the 4/4 kicks in edm and it really can go pretty deep, also has just the right amount of mid bass to.  I love the texture and the decay is really good for a BA so bass heavy music like edm and hip hop work well with the R-50. Now they're not bass monsters by means but have plenty if your not a bass head.  Another comparison this time with the TF10's which have a good amount of bass for a BA the R-50 stacks up really good.  While they don't have the same quantity of the UE's I think the R-50 has better quality like in the sub an mid bass, its just an over all cleaner sound imo (I do use a bit of bass boost whether with an amp or by EQ'ing).  
    Soundstage - This is one of the places where the R-50 shines imo.  While it might not be the largest soundstage out there its defiantly still on the larger side.  The width is excellent and I get a good since of depth all so, I'd say width is as good as the GR07 but with better depth.  I'm not to good at judging height so I can't speak on that.  They also have a nice 3D presentation and I'd say its as good or better than the EPH-100.  Separation and Imaging is another strong suit of the R-50.  I can make out ever little nuance of a track and hear where everything is coming from.  I don't think I have a pair thats better and of the more expensive IEM's I've heard theres not one that just kills theses either.  Between these and the TF10's which also have a large soundstage the I'd say the TF10 is a bit wider but both have the same amount of depth and the R-50 has better separation and imaging imo.
    Conclusion - For the $119.99 these go for I think they're easily one of the best bang for bucks around, I can't think of any that would sound much better at their price point.  With a very detailed sound as you'd expect with a good TWFK based IEM it does it in a smoother way than most and I've had mine in now for almost 4 hours which is hard to do with really bright analytical IEM's imo.  All in all these are fantastic and I hope more people give them a try, like the ones who have another TWFK IEM and these would be a great compliment to those.  Also if you like the analytical sound but would like it to have a little bit of a warmer presentation the R-50 is perfect.  So I'm sold and looking forward to what Rockit Sounds might have in-store sometime in the future.
    1. Sweden
      Never heard of this company.
      Sounds impressive if what you say is correct. You should offer Joker or ClieOS a loan so they can fit this one in their multi-review threads.
      Sweden, Apr 18, 2012
    2. Techno Kid
      I told joker about them and he said he might get a pair to review after the ones he's doing clear up some, but I would loan them to him if he wanted me to.
      Techno Kid, Apr 21, 2012