Rocketfish Bluetooth High-Definition Stereo Headphones for Most Bluetooth-Enabled Devices Black RF-MAB2

General Information

Jam to your favorite tunes from your Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player, cell phone or other audio device using these behind-the-head Bluetooth headphones that feature 4 high-definition audio settings for stunning audio quality.

What's Included

Rocketfish Bluetooth High-Definition Stereo Headphones for Most Bluetooth-Enabled Devices

USB charging cable
AC adapter
Owner's manual

Latest reviews

Pros: no wires, light, controls on-ear, descent quality, can be used for phone calls
Cons: slightly expensive for the sound quality, skips occasionally
I picked these up on a whim at Best Buy a few weeks back.  All in all, it was a good impulse purchase.  The headphones are great for commuting or walking, but I wouldn't consider these for anyone looking for a pair of headphones for serious music enjoyment-  the sound quality is more than passable and can get quite loud, but there is no richness to the audio.
I have them paired with both my iMac and my Droid Incredible.  I can get about 25 feet away from either device before the sound starts to get choppy or cut out all together.  When I am out and about and I am paired with the Droid, the audio will get weirdly choppy for no explainable reason...  my guess is blue-tooth interference from other people around me.
They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  I wear glasses, and after about an hour of having them on, they start to make the base of my ears hurt, but that's just because of the glasses... if you don't wear glasses, then you can wear these for hours.
When i use the headphones for calls, people say the audio quality is pretty good.  Call audio comes through both sides as well.  It's a nice alternative to a Jawbone.  
The controls on the left headphone have buttons for starting/stopping a call, volume, and skipping tracks. The start call button works really well-  my Phone starts up the voice recognition software and I can just say the name of who I want to call.  I'd say it works about 80% of the time.  
Pairing them is fairly easy- in fact, I don't need to re-pair them each time when I switch between computer and phone for the most part.  Every now and again I will need to re-pair from "scratch", but it only takes a couple of minutes.
I normally charge them every couple of days (powers off a USB mini connection), and they haven't run out of juice on me once.  
If you are looking for a wireless replacement for your street headphones and you're not looking for killer sound, then these guys are a great option.  I'm hoping this type of headphone becomes the standard in the next couple of years.
Yes I can concur sir these are great headphones


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