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  1. WNBC
    Thanks for the review.  I'm right with you on the dimensionality of the Alpha Dog.  It was never really there with the semi-open stock T50RP and Dan's closed version is not worse but improves upon the soundstage.  A limitation of the driver?  I miss my ASG-2 which did do a better job in regards to depth.  I also agree that the Alpha Dog probably won't be one's only headphone.  Is that even possible in this hobby :)       
    WNBC, Nov 24, 2013
  2. eke2k6
    Thanks!   At the end of the day it's definitely different from the MD, but I'm not sure someone who loves the MD will find the AD a direct improvement rather than a sidegrade. I'm also wondering if it's a driver issue. It's almost like it can't make images "materialize" like they would in real life. Still, a great job by Dan, given what he had to work with.
    eke2k6, Nov 24, 2013
  3. Zoomer13
    Great review, was considering eventually getting these to replace my own modded T50RPs (just did the usual tricks myself), but am now considering otherwise...for someone who wants better imaging and more of a tight slam in the bass, what would a better upgrade be, in your opinion?
    Zoomer13, Nov 25, 2013
  4. eke2k6
    I'm somewhat limited in my experience with full-sized phones. I've only had the HE-500, mad dogs, alpha dogs, and dt880. The HE-500 will have that slam, but the imaging is really wonky and cavernous, with poor center stage presence. I'd recommend the HD600 if you want a neutral yet immersive listening experience. You'll have to give up the bass extension, but I feel the bass h's more character on the HD600. Hope this helps!
    eke2k6, Nov 25, 2013
  5. atsq17
    Hi thanks for the excellent review. Although this is yet unproven, I think the Alpha Dogs might need a higher end DAC and amp to bring out its best. I've read another review that thought that the Alpha Dogs were good but had a closed sound stage. That was performed using O2 Amp (not sure if it was an ODAC).    I use a Beezar Torpedo amp ($280 kit) and 2 other head-fiers in my office have tested the O2 vs Torpedo using Beyer DT770 (600 ohm), DT990 (250ohm) and Mad Dog 3.2 and in every test the headphones sounded far superior on the Torpedo with better imaging, soundstage, etc. Prior to that test, we had previously thought that the O2 was the bees knees.    The Mad Dog on the O2 sounded good but on the Torpedo it sounded fantastic. In case you still own the Alpha Dog, perhaps it may be worth borrowing/visiting someone with higher end amplifier to see if it turns the Alpha Dog into another animal altogether. 
    atsq17, Nov 29, 2013