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  1. smial1966
    Thanks for your excellent review. I wasn't aware of this product until now, so will investigate it further.
    smial1966, Aug 18, 2013
  2. Deviltooth
    This time they're offering something a little different. Thank-you for a very complete review.
    Deviltooth, Aug 18, 2013
  3. RockyRoad
    Thank you for your review!
    RockyRoad, Aug 20, 2013
  4. mab1376
    Would this work well with an emotiva power amp?
    mab1376, Aug 21, 2013
  5. ClieOS
    Can't see why not.
    ClieOS, Aug 21, 2013
  6. I love 2swallow
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    I love 2swallow, Aug 25, 2013
  7. Head-Case
    Head-Case, Aug 26, 2013
  8. Beautifulsound
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    Thank for the reviews. If you desire a euphoric tube sound to add to your transistor amp/dac look no further. I used this for a month now and if I took this off the chain, I reverted and put it back. It is that addictive.
    Beautifulsound, Oct 1, 2013
  9. Beautifulsound
    Good points & review. Wanting to tame that digital noise/ harshness  of your sold state or Op amps ?  Try this at a surprisingly low price.  iFi makes some of the best affordable amps, dac around. Another tip - try their iUSB which splits the audio signal from the current path.  Try also their Gemini  cables. I bought all their products and the price is surprisingly reasonable. IMO , the sound is just amazing.  It is very cost effective system . These can drive my Sen 800 and Beyer T1 very well.  Very good customer's service. Same day email reply by Mr. Vincent of iFi .
    Beautifulsound, Oct 3, 2013
  10. Waldman Jordaan
    Awesome review - very informative. Just ordered mine, thanks.
    Waldman Jordaan, Dec 24, 2015