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  1. kiteki
    Hey, that was a pretty interesting and well written review! Nice to read your 'virgin' impressions on a headphone versus your normal listening experiences with speakers. I wonder what you'd think of an IEM like the Sony EX600.
    kiteki, Nov 30, 2012
  2. Not Yet
    I have no idea since I've never used IEMs or even flat earbuds. Do you think they sound even more compact than closed headphones? They sit deeper in the ear (but the other hand have a 180 degree speaker). I'd probably be obsessing about how they fit fit and keeping them clean, like using oil treatments on my ear 24/7 to make sure no earwax ends up in them.
    Not Yet, Dec 2, 2012
  3. lumberjake
    Good review. May I suggest an headphone that you might like that's not too much more? The Soundmagic HP100. I think this might be up your alley. I'm very pleased with them. They have a pretty good soundstage for being closedperhapsm its just that they image well with everythingbeing in its own spot with space in between its unlike my V Moda M80s which aren't bad but are congested in comparison. They also have bass that goes to sub levels yet theres zero mid bass hump leaving the mids very clear. Mids are detailed and neither forward or recessed but may lack a bit of body if you prefer a warm signature. The treble is also very well represented being very sparkly but never harsh. That's whats great about these, they really have perfected a headphone that isn't warm but detailed yet not boring or harsh. Read the reviews but this set really surprised me with the amount of air and detail while still able to produce thunderous bass when called for.
    lumberjake, May 30, 2013
  4. Not Yet
    Thanks for the feedback! I haven't actually heard of those. I sold the KRKs, but never replaced them. I did however follow some other alternatives around that time, but then kind of left the site [good thing for email notifications on comments]. At the time I was looking at Denon AH-D600 (come to find out, it might not be balanced at all), Brainwavz HM5, and Hifiman HE-400. I'll totally add the Soundmagic HP100 to the list. I like getting new leads.
    Not Yet, May 31, 2013
  5. lumberjake
    Oh ya, the Soundmagics are very comfortable too with large round memory foam in pleather, but good soft pleather. They may not look the greatest style wise though. They also clamp just enough to not rely on the headband to stay in position. The other reviews here on the HP 100s are quite positive and accurate from my experiance. They are definately good for their price. Glasses may cause leakage/less bass but these aren;t affected by this as others. They are also a bit power hungry for 32 Ohm impedance because of relatively low sensitivity but can be powered by portables, they just need to be nearly maxed to get the volumes I like which tends to be loud. Best of luck on the quest.
    lumberjake, Jun 11, 2013