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  1. XxDobermanxX
    Good review
    XxDobermanxX, Jul 22, 2012
  2. silversurfer616
    Tempted to try some!
    silversurfer616, Jul 23, 2012
  3. Lan647
    XxDobermanxX: Thanks! silversurfer616: Go for it ;)
    Lan647, Jul 23, 2012
  4. MarcadoStalker7
    I loved your review. I agree with you with the coloring the sound, this happens also with grade fans, who tend to use tube amplifiers for coloring and "exceed" the real and natural sound of the 325is, for example. A great source without any distortion and completely flat is iPod touch 5G, efficient headset you use with the impedance in them certain that you love!
    MarcadoStalker7, Mar 27, 2014
  5. MarcadoStalker7
    lol, Bing Translator are not so good, sorry for that. Good review, anyways, and good point on the colored sound, audiophiles hates hear real things about audio like the one you said...
    MarcadoStalker7, Mar 27, 2014
  6. riverlethe
    I think I agree with most of this review, although the LCD-2 is definitely not a neutral headphone. The frequency response graphs of the HD800 I looked at don't really explain what you describe, except for the 6khz spike. The HD800 has more "bass extension" than the HD650. I wonder if it's the lack of resonance you mention that makes this headphone sound so unnatural.
    riverlethe, May 17, 2015
  7. jdpark
    All amps "change" the sound of the headphones, but some do it better than others, and some compliment the strengths and weaknesses more than others. I wouldn't take this review to the bank, since others found amps that made the HD800s sing. Unfortunately, by the time you get a 2000-3000 dollar amp, and a source for that much, plus your 1500 cans and the 300 cable upgrade, I cannot see why on the good lord's green earth you wouldn't be spending that money on a speaker system. Honestly, there's a limit to value in headphone systems, and if you're spending 6000 dollars for one---unless you operate a nuclear submarine and literally cannot play music from speakers ever--you really should have spent that money on a real hi-fi stereo (and music). Otherwise, if you just happen to have 6k lying around, I suppose having the best of the best headphone system ain't so bad...
    jdpark, Jun 3, 2015