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  1. alota
    Thanks for review. My only doubt: where is this dap on ibasso site?
    alota, Jan 10, 2020
  2. Layman1
    edited: official explanation below :)
    Layman1, Jan 11, 2020
    alota likes this.
  3. Paul - iBasso
    We do not have it for sale on our website because we fill orders from distributors first but we are still catching up to orders. Once we are caught up, or closer to catching up, we will have it on our website for sale. Paul
    Paul - iBasso, Jan 11, 2020
    RONJA MESCO, alota and Layman1 like this.
  4. Layman1
    [USER=415799]@Paul - iBasso[/USER] Thanks for dropping by and clarifying this! Excellent customer service as always :)
    Layman1, Jan 11, 2020
  5. Onurb8690
    [USER=333754]@Layman1[/USER] Thanks for the review, congratulations. I have the DX160 and in fact I find it well beyond its value, of course DX220 is superior (didn't even make sense) hehehe, but I don't think it's too far away either.
    Onurb8690, Jan 12, 2020
    Layman1 likes this.
    glad to find out about why Ibasso doesn't have it on the site...that confused me too for a device that is out and many people are reviewing...
    RONJA MESCO, Jan 14, 2020
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