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  1. volly
    Once again, great review mate!
    volly, Apr 22, 2019
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  2. Dobrescu George
    [USER=288693]@volly[/USER] - Thank you!!
    Dobrescu George, Apr 23, 2019
  3. szore
    Great review. I wonder how the sound compares to the Sony 1a?
    szore, Jul 4, 2019
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  4. Dobrescu George
    [USER=362728]@szore[/USER] - If I'll have a chance to hear 1a, I'll surely let you know! At the moment I only heard 1Z, and there, I actually felt they were somewhat similar, Mojo felt more liquid, also had more punch, where 1Z was warmer in general.
    Dobrescu George, Jul 4, 2019
    szore likes this.