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  1. PlantsmanTX
    "Well thankfully comfort is not one of them. This is KEF's most comfortable IEM". Good for them. I bought a pair pf the M100s one of the times it was on sale at Newegg, The nozzles are so thick, I had to use small tips to get them to stay in my ears, and I could feel the hard nozzles. Not comfortable at all.
    PlantsmanTX, Apr 20, 2019
  2. dweaver
    The nozzle is small enough I can stretch Sony hybrid tips on them. They are a bit larger than that tip but it comfortably stretched around the bore. If comfort is a real concern the Sony tips definitely help in that regard.
    dweaver, Apr 20, 2019
    PlantsmanTX likes this.
  3. youngku
    Great review! How does this compare to KEF M200? My M200 left ear 10mm driver is broken. Should I move on to motion one or get a new pair of M200? (I have no problem with M200's giant nozzle) Does motion one outperformed M200 or just slightly different tunning? Thanks.
    youngku, May 20, 2019
  4. dweaver
    If you love the M200 signature the Motion One is slightly different as I mentioned in the review. For me I prefer the Motion One. Personally over all I prefer the Motion One between comfort, signature and convenience.
    dweaver, May 21, 2019
    youngku likes this.