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  1. lithiumnk
    Awesome review ... :) Thanks
    lithiumnk, Apr 2, 2019
  2. iBo0m
    You have just extended my wish list! :D
    iBo0m, Apr 7, 2019
    justrest likes this.
  3. justrest
    [USER=498423]@iBo0m[/USER] lol. Sorry for that :)))
    justrest, Apr 7, 2019
    iBo0m likes this.
  4. pstickne
    I like how “soft” this sounds compare to some IEMs. Very easy rolling bass.. I do also notice that I have to raise the volume (entire range, not just dial) a bit more compared to the K10 to enjoy the sound.
    pstickne, Aug 13, 2019