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  1. Julzz
    Hi ! Thanks for this review :) I also read your review about the CCA C10 that I own, I was wondering if it was worth changing but I don't think so anymore. I'll wait for the next KZ with 16 drivers to see if I change or not (I also have the AS10 and ZS7 but C10 are my favorite).
    Julzz, Mar 20, 2019
  2. DallaPo
    This is reasonable, because the C16 is not a big upgrade to the C10. You get more details, resolution and separation, but they're not 3 times as good, which justifies the price difference. Besides, I also see the C10 slightly in front of the ZS7 and also in front of the AS10, which is a bit too dark/warm for me. There the BA10 is more refreshing.
    DallaPo, Mar 20, 2019
    Julzz likes this.
  3. DallaPo
    But I assume that the AS16 does not differ much from the C16. I could imagine that the V-signature will be more pronounced at KZ, which will lead to more bass (like the AS10) and a small treble boost. I hope, however, that this won't make them too sharp again.
    DallaPo, Mar 20, 2019
    Julzz likes this.
  4. Julzz
    As10 is good, but yes a little too warm for me too, and also has a little soundstage compare to the C10. ZS7 is overall good but too bassy on some tracks, that's why I prefer the C10.
    Julzz, Mar 22, 2019
  5. gryn
    Can you help me to understand the proper polarity with the same combo (C16+YINYOO 16 core)? From your photos I see that the blue dot on the cable facing up or "outside" part of the earpiece. I found anther review of the cable with completely opposite direction. I understand that with the wrong polarity the sound should be off, but I can't really feel the difference (probably because I've just received mine). Thanks for the review!
    gryn, Jun 11, 2019
  6. DallaPo
    Hi gryn :) The two points (blue/red) must both point in the same direction to get the correct polarity. It doesn't matter if both points point inwards or outwards. It is only not possible that they have different directions.
    DallaPo, Jun 12, 2019
  7. gryn
    Great, thank you!
    gryn, Jun 12, 2019
  8. Luiz Wong
    I bought CCA C16 & Yinyoo cable 16 core. The cable emphasizes the trebles, but muffled everything under 1k Hz. I believe that's why the Yinyoo cable felt "Less musical" to me. C16 was tuned such that 4 treble BAs gave detail but didn't overwhelm mid lows. I have A-B'd the shit out of the 2 cables today so many times that I fear I may break the 2 pin connectors soon. Audio quality wise, even the stock cable is better than the Yinyoo one.
    Luiz Wong, Jul 18, 2019