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  1. Rchandra
    I was in love with this headphone...but now after spending a good year with them I fully understand how the price can't be justified. For one like you said I noticed that my unit had treble issues and vocals at times on the left channel didn't have that crisp body to it.. Yes it sounds distant almost as if the instruments are way behind you and the vocals are somewhat forward but again that bass really gets in the way at times with vocals.. Great review
    Rchandra, Mar 2, 2019
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  2. abm0
    Nice to see we still have some real people on here - every other review is filled with hi-res photos of every inch of the box and accessories, and reads like a damned product promotion leaflet. :)
    abm0, May 1, 2019
  3. mihaig
    Stock cable for Z1R is a disappointment. Really, really bad. Luckily mine came also with a Kimberly cable and the sound is much more clean and open with it. Highly recommend to give this cable a try before giving up on the headphones.
    mihaig, May 2, 2019
  4. dan3952
    It's time for me to go through the Inner Fidelity reviews again before making my next purchase lest I make an expensive mistake. WhatHiFi? had printed a glowing review of the MDR-Z1. I doubt changing the cable will do very much to change the sound in your case if the stock one doesn't a) pick up EMI, b) have microphonic tendencies, c) introduce inductance, or d) introduce capacitance. I also don't trust the current "balanced is better" craze.
    dan3952, May 4, 2019