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  1. paulindss
    Lovely, the example of the Suv was perfect! I agree on every sense on the Bass and think it is the aquilles hill of the earphone being unable to fix by EQ - at least i coudn'nt. The explanation of the bass was kind of a teaching lesson.
    paulindss, Dec 18, 2018
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  2. Otto Motor
    Hi paulindss, thanks, we both have come a long way together since our early days over at audiobudget. We can thank Igor for that. As to the new pricing of the M6 at $88...that's almost crazily low considering the mids. As much as I am struggling with the bass, this iem is probably the best I have lying around. Maybe I should ask Dr. Schweinsgruber to do a funny youtube review of this one ;-).
    Otto Motor, Dec 18, 2018
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  3. paulindss
    Yes, audiobudget was a place where the hobby beginned for me. A lot of people cricify igor(sometimes with reason) but he has a beautiful job. Glaf you liked the m6, of course a no brain for 88$. But hey, since you liked the m6 so much, i wonder what you was going to find on p4 pro. They aren't perfect neither, a cut in the bass improves the sound very much. But i prefer them to the dmg! I think you should be able to get a review sample from linsoul without any problem. Cheers, Doctor!
    paulindss, Dec 18, 2018
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  4. Otto Motor
    I don't know the p4 pro...in fact, I wanted to cut down on this hobby including reviewing since I felt I was stagnating. But once I had set up my measuring rig and learnt how to optimize the process - this also came with a push in listening capabilities. In the last few months, I have only listened analytically but never really for fun.
    Otto Motor, Dec 18, 2018
  5. Otto Motor
    While I am presently catching up on the albums of the year with my new Shanling M0 (cheap goodness!), I am ready to start over again. If any seller wants to send the p4 pro to me...
    Otto Motor, Dec 18, 2018
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  6. paulindss
    Totally understand you, started a portuguese YouTube channel to help people. And reviewing with some responsibility indeed lacks some fun.
    paulindss, Dec 18, 2018
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  7. Usuarionow
    Hi, it's a great review. The ue900 is a good reference, precisely that and deliberating between those or some other Chi Chi Fi that exceeds them in a range of 250 usd, if it were not for the criticism of their veiled means that 900 would already be at home, should I take the ue900? Or do you suggest a chi fi? Is the soundstage of the M6 higher than the ue900? (I give priority to the soundstage and the clarity)
    Usuarionow, Jan 2, 2019
  8. Otto Motor
    Not sure where I mentioned the Ultimate Ears 900s, but they are the better earphone and particularly excel on their low end and in their resolution. But they are shoddily built with infancy cables. In the end, it all comes down to price. If you can handle the M6's spongey low end, they are a steal at this price (which actually may go up again). The UE900S, on the other hand, at exactly twice the price, are a classic and a keeper. Check their review by HifiChris here on Head-Fi.
    Otto Motor, Jan 2, 2019
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  9. NeonHD
    Thank you for linking those third-party filters, glad to know there's a way to reduce the bass now.
    NeonHD, Mar 28, 2019