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  1. jamato8
    Very nice review! You did lots of work on this. A couple of things I know from use of the DX120, the back has a screen saver on it of plastic and that is why you see scratches. Under that is glass so nothing is really scratched except the screen saver. I use 2 400gb cards and thought the scanning was actually very good. Better than any of my other daps for speed. Lots of very good info here!
    jamato8, Nov 15, 2018
    earfonia and davidmolliere like this.
  2. davidmolliere
    Thanks for the detailed review including some very interesting measurements, clearly a lot of work put into it and very informative : congrats!
    davidmolliere, Nov 15, 2018
    earfonia likes this.
  3. earfonia
    Thanks! Unfortunately I have returned the DX120 to Zeppelin, so I don't have it with me now. For the demo unit that I reviewed, it seems there wasn't any plastic protector over the back side, but I will double check when I go to Zeppelin. Maybe it was early batch unit for demo? I'm not so sure about that.
    earfonia, Nov 16, 2018
  4. earfonia
    Paul confirmed that it was the plastic protector that showing scratches on the back surface. I have removed the comment about easily scratched back surface from the cons. Thanks [USER=17675]@jamato8[/USER] !
    earfonia, Nov 16, 2018