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  1. joeydgraffix
    You pretty much nailed my thoughts on this. I am so bummed that I sold my XDUOO-xd05 to get this ifi amp. The ifi really just sucks alot of the dynamics out of the music leaving it to sound so compressed. People rave about the xbass and 3d features and I can’t see how anyone can even think those are great features. Sadly I saw your review before and I completely disregarded it. I was thinking you were blowing everything out of proportion.
    joeydgraffix, Feb 16, 2019
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  2. lambdastorm
    If you really want something you always focus on the positive aspects of it discarding the negative aspects as nit-picking. I was told by a friend that these are far from the most ideal portable dacamp before the purchase and I didn't take his advice cuz I thought his too picky about gears. This dacamp is still by far the most lifeless sounding dacamp I've ever heard. Sure mojo has less power, but it sounds much more alive on the right setup.
    lambdastorm, Feb 21, 2019
  3. ceemsc
    You guys must have your rigs eq'd incorrectly because I get a full range of frequency response right down to 20hz especially with XBass+ enabled. The treble extends fine hitting my top hearing range of 14khz, What this DAC/AMP lacks in intimacy, it makes up for in Soundstage size & depth + instrument separation; it sounds like I'm in a live concert. Make sure that IEMatch is set to OFF if you are using headphones as I've heard that can make at tinny sound if wrongly engaged.
    ceemsc, Mar 1, 2019
  4. joeydgraffix
    We may just have different taste's in sound. I had both the silver and black versions & I had everything set correctly. They both handled poorly with EQ. XBass just muddied the bass. The 3d was absolutely disappointing, to me there was no concert like sound to it, just boosted treble with some sound being pushed to the sides. It had a ton of power but the sound from it just seemed to be on the bad side for me.
    joeydgraffix, Mar 1, 2019
  5. abirdie4me
    Just picked this up used, and I think it sounds great. However, it doesn't sound great as preamp to my Jotunheim amp. I did some A/B testing with Jot balanced DAC, I noticed very little difference (grouped zone via Roon, so they were volume matched). But the iDSD by itself sounds awesome to me, so for me this is a great value for a portable dac/amp. I sold my mojo, it seemed lifeless and uninspiring in comparison. We all hear differently and have different preferences I guess.
    abirdie4me, Apr 9, 2019