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  1. Marat Sar
    Very nice review even if it didn't reflect my own opinions on the u18, which it does almost point for point. My top 5 reasons for loving this pair is pretty much the same, in the same order. Just one question -- what source do you use? What's your DAP or amp?
    Marat Sar, Sep 22, 2018
  2. gearofwar
    If anyone is looking for an iem that eat K10 alive in that timbre/tonality department, it has to be Aether and that's the reason why it's usually in the ranking list with current totl iems
    gearofwar, Sep 22, 2018
  3. toaster22
    Marat Sar - Glad you enjoyed the read. I listened to the U18t: - Straight out of an iPhone 5SE - Straight out of a Macbook Pro - Out of a Macbook Pro + Mojo In all cases, I felt the U18t sounded fantastic. It's worth noting that I heard no funky frequency response issues that others have mentioned due to impedance issues with a variety of gear. 64 Audio's LID tech (designed to ensure even frequency response across different gear) has not yet been implemented in the U/A18t.
    toaster22, Sep 22, 2018
  4. toaster22
    While there were no doubt differences listening with the Mojo, I wouldn't say that the sonic foundation of the U18t (the 5 points in the review) ever changed. Rather, I'd say the Mojo enhanced the positive qualities that the U18t already conveys on its own. To me, all the other stuff you use to listen to your IEMs is a secondary (albeit important) issue. But, it should only come into play once you have defined the sound you love and found an IEM that strives to deliver that sound.
    toaster22, Sep 22, 2018
  5. toaster22
    gearofwar - have not yet had a chance to hear the aether, but would love to. I have a strong appreciation for "realistic" sounding tonality.
    toaster22, Sep 23, 2018
  6. szore
    Wonderful review! Literate, informative, usefull. I am now seriously looking at the U18t!
    szore, Nov 28, 2018
  7. Montyburns
    Great review/shootout. It's so nice to get honest reviews that don't start "This IEM was sent to me for review by..."
    Montyburns, Feb 5, 2019