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  1. Music Enthusiast
    Hi someyoungguy. Thanks for this excellent review. Seems like the ideal player.Did you manage to find out if the DAP supports Cue file splitting? Nothing about it on the Cowon website...so wondered if you had tried it.
    Music Enthusiast, Jul 11, 2018
    gangfeng likes this.
  2. someyoungguy
    Hi Music Enthusiast, sorry I hadn’t got around to it yet, never used cue files and started reading into it the other night but ran out of time. I’ll have a look this weekend :)
    someyoungguy, Jul 11, 2018
  3. zazex
    Great job;; terrific review! Insightful, useful, and thorough. Just received my Plenue V a couple of days ago and I like it quite a bit. Also, I found that when I sent the output through another amp (in this case a Topping NX4 w/ DSD), the sound improved considerably. It's the way I intend to listen to it going forward. Not a big deal - to me, anyway. Have plenty of those thick rubber bands around. :-) So, again - thanks for the excellent review!
    zazex, Sep 24, 2018
    someyoungguy likes this.
  4. someyoungguy
    [USER=99917]@zazex[/USER] Nice, I use mine as a source for the Massdrop CTH (as well as portable use). It’s a good pair - the V has great detail and the CTH gives it a touch of tube :)
    someyoungguy, Sep 24, 2018
  5. toolapcblack
    Purchased one on the back of this review(thanks someyoungguy) pretty blown away sounds amazing through Beyer T1 Gen 2s, i also own a DX200 and a QP1R(recently gone faulty ) and to my ears the Cowon V has the edge.
    toolapcblack, Feb 10, 2019