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  1. Peddler
    Excellent review and nice pics. You're setting the standard for others to follow. Thinking of getting one of these for myself as I have the Sony WH1000XM2's and am curious to how good LDAC is. Trouble is that I always have my phone with me and that does the business quite nicely.
    Peddler, Jun 17, 2018
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  2. ExpatinJapan
    Thanks for the generous feedback. Well thats the thing with the m0 - for only $100 it really is a treat. Plus If you have you enough music in FLAC etc you can forget about streaming most of the time and save the battery of your phone.
    ExpatinJapan, Jun 17, 2018
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  3. ExpatinJapan
    VIDEOs now embedded. Apologies
    ExpatinJapan, Jun 17, 2018
  4. myusernameislove
    Unfortunatelly it does not support BT Receiver mode (LDAC) simultaneously with sound transport via USB to external DAC. That is key feature for me. Hopefully some more advanced product or firmware update solves this issue. I wanted to enable my portable DAC (Chord Mojo) with LDAC BT receiver, and I hoped that M0 might be the one to do it. It is not. As far as I know such funcionality is not available in any device on the market.
    myusernameislove, Jun 18, 2018
  5. ExpatinJapan
    Well sounds like you are in hope that the Shanling m0 will solve the early design of the great Mojo, perhaps a Poly would fill the gap? Or side grade to the iFi xDSD and cut out the middle man? Shanling m0 is excellent but isnt a $100 Messiah, a prophet perhaps, a harbringer...
    ExpatinJapan, Jun 19, 2018
  6. myusernameislove
    Shanling said in M0 thread, that they plan to add simultaneous use of BT receiver and USB transport in future update. So it may be Messiah after all.
    myusernameislove, Jun 19, 2018
  7. ExpatinJapan
    Wow! You may be in luck after all! Lucky. No harm in asking for a miracle :)
    ExpatinJapan, Jun 19, 2018
  8. doboo57
    Excellent review! Is it a major downgrade from M3s in terms of sound quality, soundstage, etc.? I've paired M3s with MEE Pinnacle P1 in SE output (which is sounding great IMO), but I wonder if I will note any significant difference using the M0...
    doboo57, Jul 6, 2018
  9. ExpatinJapan
    No significant downgrade imho. its a surprising lil beastie
    ExpatinJapan, Jul 6, 2018
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  10. mwillis
    Are there any other DAPs you would recommend over this for under ~$200 USD? This thing checks all my boxes but I just want to make sure I'm getting the biggest bang for my buck. It will be driving primarily Massdrop+ UIEMs, so output impedance <1 ohm is absolutely the biggest requirement.
    mwillis, Aug 9, 2018
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