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  1. DoctaCosmos
    Really hoping they make these into a Bluetooth version. I wanted to like the ma650 wireless but was too uncomfortable and couldn’t get a good fit.
    DoctaCosmos, May 25, 2018
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  2. svk7
    First of all, excellent write up! Thanks for sharing! So the extreme discrepancy between pre- and post- burn in… INITIAL LISTEN: Bloom. Boom. Dark. Veiled. Aggressive. Congested. —> AFTER BRAIN/GEAR BURN IN: Detailed. Energetic. Warm. Rich. Expansive. …is quite the shift. Would you be willing to purchase (and potentially return) another RHA T20 to see what % of this is mind-over-matter, so to speak? I’m guessing 99% brain and 1% mechanical burn in.
    svk7, May 26, 2018
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  3. HeartOfSky
    [USER=458190]@svk7[/USER] - I've had my T20 replaced three times and can confirm that there is quite a difference in sound after 100+ hrs of use. The human brain does not require 100 hours, or more, to adjust to a new stimulus. Adaptation and attenuation are quite rapid.
    HeartOfSky, May 26, 2018
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  4. svk7
    [USER=479660]@HeartOfSky[/USER] I appreciate your use of exact and descriptive psych terms. :-) I tend to agree. It took my brain 2-3 hours to adapt to and appreciate the Lola’s sound signature, and I feel like it’s become a little better as I reach the 100-hour mark (but have another sealed one and can confirm if that’s the case in a few weeks). However, my 300+ hour Roxanne’s sounded no different from my second pair of Roxanne’s so I remain skeptical.
    svk7, May 26, 2018
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  5. McSchnauze
    [USER=268767]@DoctaCosmos[/USER] I've only owned the T20 from the RHA line up, but you're right -- it seems like the MA650 model can pose quite a challenge to keep in place. The MA750, on the other hand, holds more promise, as it has over-ear hooks, similar to the T20. I'm really enjoying the T20's kidney / bean shape, as this type of form seems more natural for the human concha.
    McSchnauze, May 27, 2018
  6. McSchnauze
    [USER=458190]@svk7[/USER] Thank you! :-) I received a replacement unit after the wire of my original unit broke. And upon first listen of the replacement unit, I still had the same impression: dark, veiled, etc., but to a much lesser degree (not much of a system shock anymore)....
    McSchnauze, May 27, 2018
  7. McSchnauze
    [USER=458190]@svk7[/USER] ......But while waiting for the replacement unit (which took almost 2 weeks to arrive), I was flipping through the IT03, GR07 & AF56, so my ears weren't too "saturated" with a particular tonality or signature (compared to when I first listened to my original unit -- I was using the FiiO EX1ii as a daily driver, so the difference with the T20 was much more glaring against FiiO's open, airy sound & brighter treble). .....
    McSchnauze, May 27, 2018
  8. McSchnauze
    [USER=458190]@svk7[/USER] ....Now, after about the 150 hours of burn in (of the replacement unit), I can flip through my other IEMs with my ears/brain adjusting quite swiftly to the IEM's sound presentation. This allows me to enjoy each one given their own signatures.
    McSchnauze, May 27, 2018
  9. McSchnauze
    [USER=458190]@svk7[/USER] ... The T20 is really warm (there's no denying that) and quite intimate (compared to the others that I have), but I'm enjoying its signature, as it creates a contrast to my usual serving of pronounced lows, slightly recessed mids, bright highs, spacious soundstage and detail-rich presentation. IMO, the T20 has the most natural sound in the vocal range (based on my current IEM roster), albeit being a bit dry (especially lower mids).
    McSchnauze, May 27, 2018
  10. McSchnauze
    [USER=458190]@svk7[/USER] The more I listen to the T20s, I noticed that the bass is not as overwhelming, the treble has become more articulate, the mids still amply bodied with much less veil. I think that there was less of a discrepancy/transformation of sound with the replacement unit as my subconscious had perhaps retained the signature (from the original unit), (taking my cue from [USER=479660]@HeartOfSky[/USER] ) -- a case of timing & sonic relativity (or memory, if you'd like).
    McSchnauze, May 27, 2018
  11. McSchnauze
    [USER=458190]@svk7[/USER] After the burn in of the replacement unit, I'd say there is still a perceptible difference (bass quantity, clarity, treble quantity, etc.) but less glaringly so. But if you're asking me if it's true mechanical flexing or simply ear/brain adjustment, I am still bewildered (perhaps you're right -- 99% brain, 1% mechanical). I'm just happy that I get to immensely enjoy the T20s now, as a good complementary piece to my other IEMs (I've been using it daily, as of late).
    McSchnauze, May 27, 2018
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  12. DoctaCosmos
    Oops I did mean ma750. The hooks don’t help. It’s the just the shape of the housing itself is horrible imo.
    DoctaCosmos, May 27, 2018