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  1. gemmoglock
    Nice review. Have you tried manually downloading and updating the Firmware from Onkyo's website? There should be an update 1.21 if yours isn't 1.21 yet. Cheers!
    gemmoglock, Apr 25, 2018
  2. Wiljen
    Yep, its on 1.21 - I'm hoping 1.22 has some major improvements particularly in data entry as it was brutal to try and enter complex passwords with the circa 2004 flip phone texting method.
    Wiljen, Apr 25, 2018
    gemmoglock likes this.
  3. kukkurovaca
    MQA added months ago according to the firmware change log. It's definitely showing MQA when playing Tidal masters on the current firmware.
    kukkurovaca, Apr 25, 2018
    gemmoglock likes this.
  4. Wiljen
    Tried to reload firmware and it tells me no update is available so I guess I am stuck until another version comes out as it has no provision to reinstall an existing or go back to an earlier one that I can find.
    Wiljen, Apr 25, 2018