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  1. seanwee
    Superb review, im considering either this iem or the Hifiman RE800 as my next potential purchase but now im confused as to how they compare. Your comparison of the two seems to be the opposite of B9 Scrambler's. Im looking for one that is more detailed, with faster transients, better instrument separation and crunch. Perhaps B9 Scrambler can also chime in?
    seanwee, Mar 26, 2018
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  2. NymPHONOmaniac
    Thanks. Well, IMO, you know my advice would be the POLARIS big time. And that, especially reading the type of soundsignature you search. Instrument separation is razor sharp with Polaris, not so much with RE800 that have a more ''analogish'' presentation. I'm kinda harsh with the RE800, but I think its in a objective way, even if well, my ears are different from B9!
    NymPHONOmaniac, Mar 29, 2018
  3. NymPHONOmaniac
    OH, but don't forget that Polaris have lot of (good) bass as well, I would suggest the RE800 over the Polaris for rock and indie perhaps....anyway, I feel that yes transient is way faster with Polaris....not sure about what mean ''crunch''?
    NymPHONOmaniac, Mar 29, 2018
  4. seanwee
    Crunch as in the impact, its the opposite of smooth. A very articulate sound that hits fast and has a crispy leading edge
    seanwee, Mar 29, 2018
  5. fokta
    you are right regarding Polaris vs SZ6, must admit that SZ6 have good detail for low end EIM.. but when you do A/B test.. it's just different league... not only mid Detail, but low and high also more precise on Polaris. Because of this, just found out that I kinda enjoy the high pitch treble when I played on ZS6...
    fokta, Jul 31, 2018