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  1. minchia
    DONT BUY FROM GearBest: I bought this headphones based on this review from GearBest. During the purchase, i chose the more expensive option that give tracking possibility using postnl.post website. After waiting for 30 days, I saw the package status on website is delivered but I did not receive anything.
    minchia, Jun 6, 2018
  2. minchia
    I contact the gearBest and they told me that they don't care if I received or not and I cannot get refunded. Obviously nothing against this technical review but please don't promote Garbage companies like GearBest and Aliexpress.
    minchia, Jun 6, 2018
  3. minchia
    minchia, Jun 6, 2018
  4. bait oven
    Not sure about Ali express, I've never had any problems with them but with gearbest they refund you if your parcel doesn't arrive after 60 day. I order from them frequently, only had one problem and their customer service replied very quickly. Even bought a few smartphones from them which came very well packaged. Only gripe I have with these two sites is that shipping takes a long time. Can't ask to much for very cheap prices which also includes free shipping!
    bait oven, Jun 23, 2018